NCIS Season 20: Is Sean Murray returning as Tim McGee?

While McGee is not technically an OG member of the series, we view him as one. He’s also an important member of the team. Will NCIS Season 20 be with or without Sean Murray?

Did you know, only Ducky is left out of the OG characters? David McCallum is the only one left who was a series regular from the series premiere, and he’s not even around full-time. With an ensemble cast, it’s easy to make way for changes.

Of course, Tim McGee feels like an OG character. He was around in the first season, although wasn’t there for the series premiere. He was introduced a few episodes in and Sean Murray was originally guest star. He was eventually upped to series regular, and now we wouldn’t know what the team would do without the tech expert.

Will McGee be in NCIS Season 20?

Do we have to find out? There is some great news for all McGee fans out there. Sean Murray is coming back for NCIS Season 20.

He will be in the premiere episode and beyond. This has been confirmed thanks to behind-the-scene cast photos and some of the promotional shots for the first episode of the season. McGee will even get to meet some of the NCIS: Hawaii team members as they come north to help deal with the Parker situation.

McGee is the only member of the team who won’t head to Hawaii. This could be written in as someone needs to man HQ. Plus, he has twins who will need him back home, and we all know what happened the last time he went out on a mission. He and Gibbs were kidnapped!

At least we get more McGee throughout NCIS Season 20.

What do you hope to see for McGee in NCIS Season 20? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

NCIS Season 20 premieres on Monday, Sept. 19 at 9/8c on CBS. Catch up on Paramount+.

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