‘NCIS’ Fans Think Alden Parker Actor Gary Cole Will Be First on Show’s Credits

With NCIS Season 20 nearing, many fans are wondering who will take Mark Harmon’s spot as the first billed actor. And most think that newcomer Gary Cole will have the honor.

Harmon was with the series for 19 years before he decided to retire from his role of Agent Leroy Gibbs. Because of his time with the show and his fan-favorite character, he managed to become the star of the show. So when the opening credits began each Tuesday, it was his name that came first.

Even though the actor left NCIS early last season, his name continued to appear in the top spot through the finale. While some fans thought that meant he was coming back, the dream never came to fruition. And now, everyone is living with the realization that Gibbs is lost to Alaska for good.

But with the character gone, there is a giant hole in his place. And someone has to fill it, which leads to one resounding question, who is loved and important enough to take the opening credits throne? And that question actually landed on Reddit last week.

If it Comes Down to Gary Cole and Seam Murray, ‘NCIS’ Fans Think Cole is the Clear Winner

U/yoderbryan hit the site to get fans’ opinions on the matter. In their opinion, the only two actors in the running for the first mention are Gary Cole and Sean Murray. And after reading dozens of comments, it’s apparent that everyone thinks Cole is the clear winner.

“Definitely Gary Cole!” responded u/borellis. “Hate to say it, but they brought Cole on to save the show from cancellation.”

“I’m betting it’s Cole,” answered u/MonkGlonk. “While I like McGee / Sean Murray, he’s not ‘top-billed cast’ material and, sorry to say, he would not be able to carry the show as the lead and I’m guessing CBS knows that or they wouldn’t have brought in Cole (and maybe Sean doesn’t even want to be the main man himself, who knows).”

While Murray didn’t earn any votes, there were a few people who thought neither of the choices would end up taking Harmon’s spot. Several people believe that the show will leave the credits as they are. Even though Harmon is gone, he’s a legacy actor. And he’s also still working with the show as an executive producer. And a few people think that David Mccallum will once again become the first person mentioned.

But the overwhelming opinion is that Cole has stepped into Harmon’s shoes famously. And to honor him for saving NCIS, he’ll be recognized as the star of the show.

“Tbf Cole has not really been top billed cast much in his previous shows, but he is k*****g it and is leading dude material,” wrote u/borellis. “So inspiring that an old guy lands his big lead role at 65yo. Love him!”

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