‘NCIS’ Fans May Have Tracked Down the Unaired Season 20 Teaser

NCIS fans have been waiting months for the drop of the season 20 teaser. So far, the preview clip for the new season hasn’t debuted on the franchise’s official social media accounts. However, one way or another, one fan has somehow located the teaser trailer for NCIS season 20. And while the quality of the clip below is pretty low grade, the upcoming season nevertheless promises to be more explosive and dynamic than ever. Check it out.

With NCIS and NCIS: Hawai’i returning with a back-to-back crossover event, both teams feature in the franchise’s season teaser trailer. As always, we love seeing Special Agent Nick Torres kicking down doors and Special Agent Tim McGee putting the wealth of his tech knowledge on full display. However, it seems the women of NCIS will be at the forefront of the upcoming season premiere.

The opening frames feature NCIS agents Jane Tennant and Jessica Knight preparing to bust in on some bad dudes.

“Let’s go!” Knight shouts to the team. And with the entirety of the crew donning bullet-proof, “NCIS”-emblazoned vests throughout the teaser, the first episode promises to have us at the edge of our seats.

Even more significantly, fans officially see the return of actor Gary Cole’s character Alden Parker. During season 19, Parker became framed for m****r. The final moments of the finale saw him on the run with his ex-wife and FBI agent Vivian Kolchak.

Over on Reddit, fans became worried that, in order to wrap up the NCIS plotline surrounding Agent Parker, they’d have to binge all of NCIS: Hawai’i—that is if they hadn’t already. Fortunately, if you aren’t caught up on NCIS‘s newest spinoff, fans recommended simply watching the final few episodes of the rookie show’s first season. See the full discussion here.

Will Tony DiNozzo Return For ‘NCIS’ Season 20?

With NCIS kicking off its milestone 20th season with a thrilling crossover event, there isn’t much more we can ask of the show’s writers is there? Of course there is—how about a Tony DiNozzo return?

Okay, granted fans have been theorizing about the beloved former special agent’s return for years. But current star Sean Murray’s recent post suggests that maybe, just maybe, his retired partner will return.

Taking to Instagram last week, Murray, who plays Special Agent Tim McGee, shared a fun throwback photo from one of the show’s early seasons. Pictured alongside alum Michael Weatherly, Murray added just two hashtags: “ncis” and “throwbackbtspic.”

The post sent NCIS fans into a frenzy, demanding Weatherly’s return to the long-running show.

Michael Weatherly departed NCIS and his role as Tony DiNozzo after more than a decade of starring in the show. His final storyline saw him become a father to his daughter Tali, whom he shares with another former agent, Ziva David.

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