‘NCIS’ Alum Pauley Perrette Marks One-Year Anniversary Since Suffering a Stroke in New Video

Pauley Perrette of NCIS fame is sharing some pretty good and insightful news about her life on Friday thanks to Twitter. As you can see below, Perrette looks a little different from her days as Abby Sciuto on the CBS show. Still, the fact that she’s alive and doing well is absolutely great. Perrette talked about suffering a stroke a year ago on Friday. Now, she’s celebrating life and all the good things that come from being alive. Perrette obviously has a lot of reasons to feel happy on this momentous occasion.

“Hey guys, Oh My God, it’s Sept 2,” Perrette said in the video below. “It’s a one-year anniversary since I had a stroke. And I’m still here.” Perrette can be seen raising her eyebrows for emphasis. “I’m still here,” she said.

“Yes, I’m still here, again. How many times do I cheat d***h? Like I almost d**d from a hair dye allergy. I have food allergies, I’m a domestic violence and a rape survivor. I was a*******d by a crazy homeless person and almost d**d and I’m still here. I’m feeling really grateful and especially for all my rescue dogs that are over there. And I’m here, I’m still here, I feel good. I’ve been through a lot in the last two years.”

Pauley Perrette of ‘NCIS’ Fame Now Moves Into Music World

Fans were filling up her comments section with a lot of good wishes and happy hugs. One sent a hug emoji her way. Well, it is good to see Perrette looking so healthy and happy. By now, you know that she is no longer on NCIS. In fact, Perrette has said in other interviews that she considers herself retired from acting. That’s sad because she’s so good at it. Maybe, though, with this news coming out on Friday, she has other priorities these days.

Now, the obvious question is what in the world is she doing now? Perrette is tackling a major career shakeup. In fact, she has moved on into the world of music. That’s right. She is a singer and songwriter who recently released a song titled Beautiful Child.

In another social media post, Perrette wrote, “My song BeautifulChildThis song came up in a full on jam session with a bunch of amazing musicians tonight. I read all the comments. Yes. This is needed. Wrote it for #LGBT but realize it’s been important to so many YOU yes you ARE a #beautifulchild.” Perrette did leave the drama in 2018 but the show continues to roll along. Look for NCIS to be part of a crossover event this season with NCIS: Hawai’i. They will air on Monday nights, as usual, this season.

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