‘NCIS’: Meet the Other Actors in Sean Murray’s Family

NCIS star Sean Murray has a handful of acting credits to his name. However, none are nearly as prevalent as his longtime role as the CBS show’s beloved special agent, Timothy McGee. Sean Murray originally joined NCIS during its first season. And, despite having not been cast as a regular character from the start, he’s one of two remaining season one cast members left in the series. The second includes Jimmy Palmer actor Brian Dietzen. However, while Murray is at the pinnacle of fans’ most favorite characters, it’s no wonder he’s so adored—acting seems to run in his blood. As we anxiously await NCIS‘s next all-new season, let’s take a look at what other Murray family members have pursued a career in acting.

Meet Sean Murray’s Step Sister, Troian Bellisario

NCIS star Sean Murray and his step-sister Troian Bellisario don’t share a last name. However, they actually have a lot that connects them behind the scenes of NCIS.

Sean Murray shares a special connection with NCIS creator Donald P. Bellisario as the latter is actually the series star’s stepfather. According to HELLO! magazine, Murray’s parents divorced when he was 15. Eventually, the young Tim McGee actor settled in Los Angeles with his mother. The NCIS star’s mom then later became the fourth wife to NCIS creator Donald P. Bellisario and, therefore, made him stepbrother to actress Troian Bellisario.

If the NCIS star’s stepsister looks or sounds familiar to you, it’s because she actually once starred in NCIS herself. During the show’s second season, Bellisario made an appearance as Tim McGee’s younger sister Sarah. In addition, Bellisario’s also known for her role as Spencer Hastings in Pretty Little Liars.

Sean Murray’s Daughter Featured in Season 19 of ‘NCIS’

Sean Murray’s character Tim McGee boasts an adorable pair of twins within the realm of NCIS with his wife Delilah Fielding. But, outside the fictional universe, he’s also dad to teen actress Cay Ryan Murray. At just 15 years old, Cay Ryan Murray made her NCIS debut during the episode entitled “The Brat Pack.”

In the episode, the NCIS star’s daughter played the role of Teagan Fields, who, through her computer-savvy tech skills, became the key suspect in a m****r case. As a father, as well as a huge computer nerd, McGee attempts to connect with the troubled teen. Doing so not only cast the father-daughter duo in a different light but also gave the longtime NCIS star the opportunity to share a new kind of bond with his real-life daughter.

In announcing her debut on NCIS, the veteran actor wrote, “I am pleased to introduce my daughter, Cay Ryan Murray, into the on-screen world of NCIS! Cay guest stars in our [then] upcoming May 2 episode and I couldn’t be more proud.”

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