‘NCIS’ Alum Michael Weatherly Reveals Epic Labor Day Plans in New Selfie

Former NCIS star Michael Weatherly shared a Labor Day Selfie on Twitter. Fans loved the randomness of the photo. Weatherly, who used to portray Anthony DiNozzio, left the show in 2016. The actor posted a selfie of himself next to a Jaws poster at a movie theater, writing: “Happy Labor Day! #jaws.”

One fan responded: “The bites are even bigger in IMAX! But my favourite and most scary scene for me will always be Robert Shaw’s famous monologue. I remember watching with my dad, many many years ago. Gave us goosebumps. Happy Labor Day, Michael.” Another wrote: “Went Saturday too!!! Every jump scare still got me. Saw this at Eagle Valley Drive In when I was almost 13. I fell off the roof of our station wagon during the shark tooth scene.”

Fans loved to see the NCIS actor kicking back and seeing a classic film on the holiday.

Weatherly’s NCIS character DiNozzio was a fan-favorite. The creator of the series, Don Bellisario, once shared how he met Weatherly. The casting director had asked him to meet Weatherly, and Weatherly had dinner with Bellisario and his family.

“Well, that ended up to be a three-hour dinner. It might have gone longer. I liked him so much that I cast him in the show after that meeting,” he said in the audio commentary of the 3rd season DVD.

NCIS was a huge success right off the bat, and DiNozzio’s chemistry with other characters made fans love him even more. In particular, DiNozzio’s relationship with Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon), was a classic. Gibbs would constantly smack DiNozzio in the back of the head, and fans miss the inside joke.
‘Jaws’ Back in Theaters for Labor Day Weekend

The classic Steven Spielberg shark film swam its way back to theaters this weekend. This time around, the film is being premiered in IMAX, the movie’s first time shown that way. IMAX shared the news with the tagline “Experience ‘Jaws’ like never before.” The film follows “Roy Scheider as police chief Martin Brody who, with the help of a marine biologist (Richard Dreyfuss) and a professional shark hunter (Robert Shaw), hunts a man-eating great white shark that is attacking beachgoers at a summer resort town.”

Fans have been loving the rerelease of the film. One Twitter user tweeted: “Jaws in IMAX was incredible. The Steven Spielberg classic still stands the test of time.”

Another user wrote: “#Jaws in @IMAX is SPECTACULAR. Oh. My. God. Is this what it was like seeing the movie in 1975? I’ve seen it countless times already, but never like this. The picture quality is immaculate, and the sound mix truly amps up John Williams’ chilling score. Well worth your time.

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