NCIS Hawai’i star reveals surprising issue during filming

NCIS Hawai’i star Tori Anderson has opened up about a surprising difficulty she encountered while filming scenes between her character Kate Whistler and Lucy Tara (Yasmine Al-Bustami).

The spin-off series recently concluded its debut season, with the couple deciding to give things another go.

However, Tori explained in a recent interview that the two stars auditioned over Zoom, meaning the show creators didn’t realise there was a big height difference until they came together in person.

yasmine albustami, tori anderson, ncis hawaii


“I don’t think we were prepared for the height difference, either! [Laughs] And eventually, I started wearing flats,” she told TVLine.

“And flats don’t always work greatly with pencil skirts, but my goodness, the wardrobe department made it work. Yeah, it was interesting, but it was a fun thing to play, the height difference.

“There are couples all over the world who have that kind of height difference, so that part wasn’t surprising.

yasmine albustami, tori anderson, ncis hawaii


“But it doesn’t necessarily always lend itself to on camera, because then you have crazy angles and everything. So, yeah, Yaz had to step on a few boxes, and I had to put some flats on! But we made it work.”

Meanwhile, ahead of the show’s second season, which begins later this month, a big crossover event with the main NCIS series has been confirmed.

The episode will see the NCIS team return to Hawai’i to look for a dangerous suspect, which reveals a complex network and much bigger, more menacing plan at work.

NCIS airs on CBS in the US. Seasons 1-19 are streaming on Disney+ in the UK.

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