Is Mark Harmon still on NCIS?

When one thinks of NCIS, chances are one of the first individuals that comes to mind is Mark Harmon — and for good reason. From the very beginning, Harmon has been the face of the franchise having originated the character of Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs way back in 2003 in the show’s backdoor pilot in CBS’s military drama JAG. 

Not only has Harmon been a face of the franchise which has since spun off into a number of hit spinoffs, but he’s also long been connected to the franchise behind the scenes as an executive producer of the flagship series as well as its spinoff NCIS: New Orleans

For the longest time, it seemed like Gibbs would always be around in some way which is why it was so shocking to fans when the character left the show early in the show’s nineteenth season. After making only a few appearances in the season’s early episodes, Gibbs seemed to leave town thought his presence was felt throughout the rest of the season which seems to have created some confusion among longtime fans.

Is Mark Harmon still part of the NCIS cast?

Despite having appeared in a few episodes of NCIS season 19 and remaining in the title sequence throughout the season, Mark Harmon is no longer part of the NCIS cast. Though he is still a part of the show as he remains an executive producer on the series and that’s not expected to change.

As previously reported, Harmon decided to exit the series in 2021 after nearly two decades of playing the character. Fortunately for fans, Gibbs is still alive and well, and the writers have continued to find ways to keep the character’s memory alive with nods to the characters. This is something we foresee the writers continuing to do as Gibbs will always have a special place in the hearts of fans and to the characters in the show.

And Harmon has not ruled out a possible return to the show in the future, meaning there is always a chance he could return as Gibbs down the line. However, fans should know he is not part of the season 20 cast.

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