‘NCIS’ Puts McGee Front and Center in Tonight’s New Episode

Now that NCIS has gotten the identity of the Raven out of the way, where does the show turn as it delves more into the stories and characters for season 20?

Tonight’s episode is called “Daddy Issues.” And here’s where NCIS turns — to McGee. Sean Murray, who portrays Tim McGee, now is the longest-running character still on the show and has first billing on the NCIS episode intro. So why not make the first episode after last week’s crossover be very McGee-centric.

Let’s go to the CBS plot summary for tonight’s NCIS:

“McGee’s personal life and professional life intersect when a dad from his children’s school is linked to a break-in at a government storage bunker.”

CBS also revealed an early scene as McGee discusses what’s happening at the twins’ school. Check out the chat that also includes Jess, Torres and Jimmy and how they view talking to civilians.

In Tonight’s NCIS Episode, McGee Admits Small Talk Is Worse Than D***th

McGee comes in late and apologizes. “Got held hostage by a chatty school dad. …. Unfortunately, this guy wanted to talk about the usual, d**d bodies and m****r.” Or, as Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) puts it, “the job.”

And Jess (Katrina Law) gets all NCIS kind of whiny. “People do like to treat us like their own personal episode of Dateline.” And then Torres pulls an old-school c***e reference out of the air. “If I have to hear another theory on the OJ trial …”

McGee proclaims that “talking shop gets old.” Then we hear from Dr. Jimmy Palmer, the medical examiner. He must be really popular at cocktail parties. But Jimmy admits to changing the subject to the kids, sports or weather because all people want to do is talk about d***h.

And McGee offers another clue to his personality. “You mean small talk? That sounds worse than d***h.” Speaking of d***h, there will be d**d bodies tonight.
Jimmy and Parker check out a body in “Daddy Issues” (Sonja Flemming)

Last Week’s Crossover Solved the Raven Mystery

We do know that Alden Parker (Gary Cole) is back as special agent in charge. In the season 20 premiere, the FBI figured out that Parker didn’t k**l his former partner. And by the final hour of the NCIS crossover with Hawai’i, the agents take the so-called Raven into custody. The Raven actually had been in prison and wanted to exact revenge against Parker for originally putting him there. He also wanted payback against the man who first trained him, but said he wasn’t mentally fit to continue with the program.

Although this NCIS episode centers on McGee, there will be some old-fashion activities, as evidenced by this photo of Torres and Jess.
Torres and Jess do some investigating. (Bill Inoshita/CBS)
The NCIS showrunners have promised to bring in more personal details about the agents in the upcoming episodes. We already know that Jess and Jimmy (Brian Dietzen) have started dating. Tonight’s hour will show a personal slice of McGee’s life with his wife and kids. However, it doesn’t appear that Parker’s ex-wife Viv (Teri Polo) will make an appearance in “Daddy Issues.” That’s because Polo isn’t listed among the guest stars. She is a recurring character, so we’ll surely find out why Parker and Viv broke up. For now, she’s probably recuperating from getting shot in the season premiere.

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