NCIS’ Brian Dietzen gives rare insight into his family life away from the spotlight

Brian Dietzen plays Dr. Jimmy Palmer on the hit show, NCIS, and has earned himself a loyal fanbase as a result. However, away from the cameras, Brian leads a quiet life and is notoriously private when it comes to his family.

The actor very rarely shares photos on social media that aren’t related to his work, but occasionally has posted pictures featuring his beloved wife Kelly Dietzen, who he has been married to since 2004.

The couple share two children, who are never featured on their dad’s Instagram in order to protect their privacy.

In fact, Brian and Kelly are so private when it comes to their children that they have never disclosed their names or anything about them into the public domain.


Brian couldn’t resist sharing a very rare look at their close family dynamics back in May though, as he shared a photo of Kelly to honor her on Mother’s Day.

In the caption, he penned: “Happy Mother’s Day to you all. Today, our family is celebrating this woman right here. You’re the best, Kel. Our kids lucked out by getting you as their mom.”

Brian Dietzen shared a rare photo featuring his wife Kelly and opened up about their family dynamics

He has also in the past revealed his favorite holiday with his family – which is Christmas. In December, he wrote: “My absolute favorite time of year. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate, and happy Saturday to those who don’t!


“It’s been a great few days with my family in my home state. Feeling blessed, recharged, and looking forward to getting back at it in the new year!

“Hope you had something to make you smile today.” The actor has been playing Jimmy Palmer on NCIS since 2004, having first landed the role as a guest appearance, before carving out his career in the show.


The NCIS star and his family are notoriously private

“One of the big, memorable days is my first scene here [on NCIS]. And I was hired to do one scene with David McCallum, one day,” he told CBS.


“And I went in there, we had a nice juicy scene with David, where I was nervous, and I was working on a tape recorder. He and I played really, really well together.”

Brian was promoted to a series regular on NCIS in 2012, eight years after appearing in his first episode.

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