NCIS Hawaii boss addresses Joe Milius return: ‘Love the dynamic – we’re hopeful’

The latest NCIS spin-off has won over the hearts of the franchise’s biggest fans, and the CBS drama’s first female lead Jane Tennant (played by Vanessa Lachey) has returned for another season of high-stakes missions. NCIS: Hawaii executive producers Jan Nash and Christopher Silber have since teased some more team-ups and even some romance could be on the cards for the special agent.

Producers Jan and Christopher have teased the return of Captain Joe Milius (Enver Gjokaj) admitting it could happen at some point in the second season of NCIS: Hawaii.

The high-ranking officer made a huge impact with his regular appearances throughout the first instalment.

Unfortunately, his role with the team this time around may have to be lessened after actor Enver signed up for a recurring role in the SyFy series Resident Alien.

“He is a super-talented guy and he got another job, so he has not been available to us at the beginning part of this season,” Jan confirmed.

Enver Gjokaj and Vanessa Lachey

NCIS Hawaii boss addresses Joe Milius return: ‘Love the dynamic – we’re hopeful’ (Image: CBS)

Yasmine Al-Bustami and Vanessa Lachey

NCIS Hawaii: The team are back for more missions (Image: CBS)

The news that Milius probably won’t be a factor in the first half of the new season will come as a crushing disappointment for some fans.

Before he returned for an important exchange mission which went awry, Milius tried to strike up a romance with Tennant which many viewers are eager to see continue.

Thankfully, Enver is not part of Resident Alien’s main cast, so it may not be long before the CBS spin-off is able to bring him back into the fold.

The producer told TV Line: “But we are hopeful that as what is currently his day job winds down that we’ll be able to see him again.”

Enver Gjokaj and Vanessa Lachey

NCIS Hawaii: Tennant and Milius teamed up last season (Image: CBS)

Enver Gjokaj and Vanessa Lachey

NCIS Hawaii: Will Tennant rekindle her romance with the Captain? (Image: CBS)

“We love him. Enver is a great guy. He is great as Joe Milius, we love that dynamic, so we’re hopeful.”

NCIS: Hawaii has become just as beloved for its romantic subplots as much as its action, so it’s no surprise the producers are keen for Enver to make a comeback.

Fans can also expect plenty more from flagship couple Lucy Tara (Yasmine Al-Bustami) and Kate Whistler (Tori Anderson) after their often painful drama in the first season.

As for lead agent Tennant, she may have to put aside her personal life for now, but the producers have hinted she’ll eventually find some time to get back into the dating scene.

Christopher explained: “We wanted season one to have a happy note and this feeling of ohana and what’s important to Jane Tennant is her family, her personal family, her work family, and in many ways, they’re one and the same.

“For season two, we need to challenge that a little bit. We need to see how strong that family is as we throw obstacles at it, and that’s in her personal life.

“Dealing with a son who is coming of age and maybe leaving the nest soon, dealing with her love life, Joe Milius coming in and out, maybe some other folks.

“Maybe flirtations here or there, and dealing with some of the problems of her team members’ personal lives that will draw her in as well.”

“Season two, to a certain extent, thematically is about what do you do to keep your family together when parts of it are pulling at the seams?”

For now, Tennant’s son could take precedence over her downtime, although it may not take long for Milius to reemerge and try to win her over.

On the other hand, he also suggested the agent could have some other romantic prospects to consider, so Milius may have to wait on the sidelines for the time being.

NCIS Hawaii season 2 continues Mondays on CBS in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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