Why Did Lucas Black Leave ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ 3 Years Ago? Here’s the Truth!

Luke Black spoke up about his exit from “NCIS: New Orleans” again after three years.

Black joined the “NCIS” spinoff in 2014 as one of the series’ original cast members and played the role of agent Christopher LaSalle. He also appeared in the original series from 2014 to 2017.

Although he spoke about it several times, the actor addressed his exit again in an interview with Fox News Digital. According to Black, he suddenly realized that the series would not last forever for him after seeing the way it operated.

“Being in the entertainment business since I was an early child, I was able to recognize how destructive it can be to families. Most of the time that’s because you’re away from home for a long time and the working hours are very long… For three years, it was normal to work 70 hours a week,” he said.

Black recalled going to work at that time while his kids were still in bed. But he would come home, finding them in their beds again to sleep again.

For the patriarch, the schedule was not healthy enough for him to continue as he no longer had the chance to be with his children.


According to the star, “NCIS: New Orleans” was good for its cast members as they all had a good time filming it. But at some point, he had enough as he realized he needed to have time with his family after sacrificing six years of his life for the show.

He previously shared the same sentiment during his interview with Lee Domingue’s podcast “Legacy Starts Today” and UK’s Express.

“NCIS: New Orleans” Cast Members Respected His Decision

Although he had been playing a critical role in the series, Black’s cast members reportedly let him go despite being surprised by his decision.


The actor, however, said it was not sudden for him as he thought about it for a long time.

Now, he has more time with his family while continuing his acting career. Currently, he dedicates his time to see the positive reviews about his Pure Flix flick, “Legacy Peak.” He revealed that his wife convinced him to star in the film, where he plays the role of a man who tries to win the hearts of his love interest’s children.

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