NCIS Season 20: Episode 3 Photo Confirms Original Cast Member Return

NCIS continues to move forward with Season 20 on CBS and Episode 3 will bring back one of the characters from the original cast. Although the news was shared before the premiere, the photo of the upcoming broadcast confirms it.

NCIS, the long-running naval crime investigation drama that aired through CBS television since 2003, returned to fan screens last Sept. 19 when season 20 premiered. A new installment without Mark Harmon, but it brings back one of the key characters in the resolution of each case over time.

David McCallum‘s character will return to NCIS when CBS airs Episode 3 of the crime drama Season 20 on Monday, October 3. Legendary friend of Special Agent Leroy Gibbs (Harmon), Dr. Ducky Mallard, experienced forensic scientist, will appear in this new installment safely to help in the bizarre new case of the week.

Remember that Ducky is now a recurring NCIS character, meaning fans have the chance to see him eventually in the criminal drama with some appearances in-between seasons and when stories require it, such as will happen with the third episode of season 20, whose story narrates the atypical condition in which a corpse is found in a cemetery.

New promo photo shared by CBS confirms Ducky will be present with the NCIS team. And his vast experience of many decades in the forensic field will help solve the case. In the picture, he clearly makes fans imagine he’s collaborating on something with scientist Kasie Hines (Diona Reasonover).

It’s important to emphasize, that Ducky and Kasie have a good natural relationship and a long history. David McCallum’s character is one of the reasons she’s with NCIS right now. There aren’t enough scenes with the two of them and certainly this is actually a great opportunity to see them together in Episode 3 of CBS’ Season 20 of the crime drama.

On NCIS today; Ducky is playing as a historian which would come in handy in the new case given his knowledge. It’s most likely the legendary character will identify what’s stored inside the found corpse and help the team have a better understanding of what happened.

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