NCIS Season 20: Will Agent Torres have a rough time in the new season?

Will Agent Torres survive in the new season or not? Here is everything we know so far. 

As observed by many fans over the season, Agent Torres’s history can be shifty and changing, and he has had a particularly difficult few seasons. Earlier, midway through Season 18, his long-lost and presumed-dead father reappeared, only to forsake him once more.

Moreover, Ellie Bishop, his love interest, quit NCIS at the end of Season 18 to become a spy. Then Gibbs’ decision to leave NCIS pushed Torres into a spiral for much of Season 19, as Torres considered Gibbs as a mentor figure, even though Alden Parker was an excellent substitute. We know that Torres is still in therapy with Dr. Grace Confalone and isn’t drinking.

But the fans have seen him change in a few episodes, which shows that the bad news might be lingering around as he is taking too long to take essential actions and reacting the way he used to in serious scenarios. We know that Torres struggled last season, along with the fact that Valderrama was working on numerous projects, which has prompted some NCIS fans to believe he might be k****d off before Season 20.

NCIS Season 20: Will Agent Torres have a rough time in the new season?

NCIS executive producer Steven D. Binder confirmed that Agent Torres would have a difficult Season 20, and the third episode, “Unearth” is where he starts his rough time. The official synopsis for the episode states, “A m****r investigation introduces NCIS to a longstanding curse that ultimately puts Torres and Dr. Grace Confalone in a tight spot.”

It is also mentioned that as Torres continues therapy with Dr. Grace, he discovers that their lives are in danger. This prompted viewers to speculate once more that Torres might d13 or have something bad happen to him. Moreover, Torres chose to be more open with his buddies after “Unearth” finished because he was weary of being the lone wolf. But it doesn’t mean he’ll alter much.

Moreover, in earlier reports, back in May, NCIS executive producer Steven D. Binder told TVLine that “He’s got these internal pressures building up inside him, and at some point, you pop, and I think that’s in his future.” Later in the interview, he said, “I think we’re gonna go pretty dark with [Torres], but we try and do it in a way that doesn’t destroy what we love about the character.”

While Torres appears to be improving, things are about to become worse for him in the near future. The only issue is whether he will emerge stronger as a result of his difficulties or if he will be written out with his potential love interest to fit Valderrama’s other projects. While the character has not yet been m******d, it is still an option.

NCIS Season 20: Will Agent Torres have a rough time in the new season?

Where can you stream NCIS?

NCIS is currently available to watch on Paramount+, fuboTV, and Netflix. The viewers can also stream the series by renting or purchasing on Vudu, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, and Google Play, with a vast number of membership plans according to the preference of the users.

Moreover, the series is also available to watch exclusively on CBS’s official website, where the episodes are published after they air on the channel on Mondays in the 9/8c time slot. You are able to stream NCIS for free on Pluto, CBS, and NBC based on the viewers’ location.

NCIS Season 20: Will Agent Torres have a rough time in the new season?

NCIS Official Synopsis

The synopsis of the series states, “NCIS follows a fictional team of Naval Criminal Investigative Service Major Case Response Team (MCRT) special agents based at the Washington, D.C. field office in Washington Navy Yard. For the first eighteen seasons, the team was led by Supervisory Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, a Marine veteran, and seasoned investigator.”

NCIS Season 20: Will Agent Torres have a rough time in the new season?

Catch up on previous episodes while you wait for a new episode of NCIS Season 20 to premiere on Mondays at 9:00 p.m. on CBS and stream the new episodes on Paramount+ later.

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