NCIS fans divided over major season 20 storyline – here’s why

NCIS continued with the fourth episode of season 20 on Monday night and while most fans were relieved to see Dr. Jimmy Palmer and Jessica Knight share a loving embrace at the end of the instalment, others weren’t too pleased about the romantic storyline.



The two characters, played by Brian Dietzen and Katrina Law, first confessed their feelings for one another at the end of season 19, sparking a major reaction from fans, with most delighted to see the beloved pair get together.

In the lead up to episode four, some fans were concerned for the couple as a teaser revealed the introduction of Jessica’s hunky ex-boyfriend, Special Agent Gage Winchester.

While most fans were relieved to see that Jessica and Jimmy’s relationship was safe and secure by the end of the instalment, some took to Twitter to complain about the romantic element of the show.


One person wrote: “The show is totally different than it used to be and has been going downhill for some time. Really, another entire episode about relationship drama? This has become daytime television. Lost interest as it’s no longer a navy investigative show with great characters and writing.”



Jessica and Jimmy shared a romantic kiss at the end of episode four

A second fan tweeted: “Why do shows always have to devolve into romance between main characters? Don’t we have enough soaps on TV for the viewers that want that?”

A third fan wasn’t convinced by the romance, writing: “I love each of their characters but they’re not believable to me as a couple, at least not yet.”


Fans are divided over the relationship

However, most fans seem to be enjoying the heartwarming storyline, with many praising the couple’s chemistry. One person wrote: “I’m so happy for Jimmy and Jessica. They make a great couple. Their personalities balance each other out perfectly. @BrianDietzen and @katrinalaw work phenomenally together!” while another added: “Aww! Great ending! Knight and Palmer make a great couple!”

A third fan commented: “Love these two together. They’re a cute couple.”


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