What Happened To Jimmy Palmer’s Wife On ‘NCIS’?

NCIS fans who have been watching the hit CBS procedural drama for a long time know how heartbreaking it can be when a beloved character leaves the show. However, there was one d***h that wasn’t shown on screen that was intended to symbolize the many people who have d13d in real life across the United States and the rest of the world.

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Dr. Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen), the team’s medical examiner and resident optimist, and his wife, Breena (Michelle Pierce), will no longer appear on-screen as a married couple. A recent episode revealed that her character had passed away offscreen.

What Happened To Jimmy Palmer’s Wife On ‘NCIS’?

At the height of the C0V1D-19 pandemic, it was fascinating to see how various shows dealt with the crisis. On Grey’s Anatomy, they didn’t shy away from depicting the devastating loss and exhaustion that the medical community faces. They even put Meredith in a coma for the majority of Season 17 by giving her C0V1D.

Since NCIS is not primarily a medical drama, the masks used there were naturally more subtle. The writers of NCIS decided not to show Breena’s d***h from C0V1D-19, instead letting viewers infer it from Jimmy’s behavior. ET’s interview with Brian revealed some additional details about why Breena was selected for the role.

The producers “let me know” that “we want the advent of C0V1D to hit our team,” Brian told ET. “Yet,” he added, “we don’t want to lose a team member.”

Brian went on to explain that because his character is an eternal optimist, they felt he would be the best vehicle for this devastating storyline. What Jimmy will do is at the heart of this, according to Brian’s clear articulation. When will he be able to deal with this loss? When is he going to stop looking back and start looking forward? Actually, that part might be happening soon.

The NCIS Showrunners Wanted The D***h Of Jimmy Palmer’s Wife To Drive The Story

NCIS creators, Dietzen continued, wanted to reflect the destruction wrought by the real-world coronavirus pandemic, but they didn’t want to sacrifice a central character to do it. What effect Breena’s d***h has on eternal optimist Jimmy will ultimately have on the team’s story.

The NCIS Showrunners Wanted The Death Of Jimmy Palmer's Wife To Drive The Story

Actor told media, “I was informed by the producers that they plan to have our team be infected with C0V1D. However, we can’t afford to lose any more members of the team.

Since Jimmy is the most upbeat member of the team, the idea that he might lose his wife was discussed, and everyone agreed that it would make for a great storytelling mechanic, albeit a tragic one. They consequently decided to proceed. I had advanced warning and was thus emotionally ready for it.”

Jimmy Could Be In A Relationship Soon

We’re all set for Jimmy Palmer and Special Agent Jessica Knight’s budding romance (Katrina Law). Jessica’s invitation of Jimmy to attend her cousin’s wedding as her plus one was the first hint that something was up. We don’t know for sure what transpired there, but whatever it was, it wasn’t a catastrophe. A low standard, perhaps, but have you tried dating in the year 2022?

Brian disclosed some details of their infamous first date/non-date in a recent interview with Parade. If you and your partner enjoy yourselves on a “date-not-a-date” but choose not to discuss it, the question “Hey, why aren’t we talking about this, we had a really good time?” will eventually arise.

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The Real Reason These NCIS Actors Left

CBS probably had no idea when they first aired NCIS in 2003 that this spin-off of their JAG series would become the television juggernaut that it has. Even after all these years, it is still the network’s most watched drama and the show with the second highest viewership overall.

The Real Reason These NCIS Actors Left< And how long exactly are we talking about? But in 2018, Deadline stated that NCIS had been “the most-watched drama in the world in three of the last four years.” Every single person on Earth absolutely adores this show. But, as with any show that has aired for nearly two decades, there have been cast changes. After all, plots change, actors lose interest, and squabbles are inevitable. Even a highly successful show like NCIS has its flaws, and there are many reasons why an actor might decide to leave. However, not every cast member swap on NCIS and its two spinoffs, NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans, is as obvious as it may seem. There were many factors, some of which were out of the actors’ control, that led them to leave the NCIS set, and we’ve uncovered the real reasons why they did so.

FAQs – People Also Ask

What happened to Jimmy’s wife Breena on NCIS?

The d***h of NCIS resident doctor Jimmy Palmer’s wife Breena from coronavirus in Episode 7 of Season 18 was a major plot point. Consequently, the NCIS team was personally affected by the pandemic. In the premiere episode from February 9, 2021, we learn that Palmer’s wife Breena passed away the previous day.

What happened to Michelle Pierce on ‘NCIS’?

When Michelle Pierce decided to leave NCIS, it was after she had played Breena Palmer for several seasons. Tonight on #NCIS, someone gave Jimmy and Breena a pair of ridiculously tiny lab coats.

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