Why Is The NCIS Star Leaving The Show? The Exit Of Ellie Bishop After The Season 18 Finale Has NCIS Fans Worried

Over the course of its first 18 seasons, NCIS has seen a large number of characters come and leave, and the departure of a fan favorite is always a topic that generates a lot of discussion.

The freshly released episodes of season 19 get off with an investigation into the consequences of Ellie Bishop’s departure at the end of the previous season. It’s reasonable to say that there’s been a significant void left in the NCIS team since Bishop’s departure.

Bishop is a former NSA analyst turned NCIS special agent who, together with fellow agent Nicholas Torres, possesses chemistry powerful enough to construct a nuclear weapon (Wilmer Valderrama).

The two of them have been engaging in the flirtiest and exasperating will-they-won’t-they for quite some time now, and their admirers are ready for them to officially declare their love for one another.

In the season 18 finale, Torres and Bishop finally admitted their emotions for one another, after years of flirtatious comments and lingering looks at one another. However, Bishop also decided to part ways with the team for good.


What Happened To Ellie On NCIS?

 Agent Ellie Bishop is gone

In the eleventh season, Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop joined the cast of the programme. She soon ascended through the ranks to become a key analyst for the squad because of her photographic recall and never-say-d1e attitude.

Ellie’s fans wished for her to be content in both her personal and professional life after learning about the extramarital relationship her ex-husband Jake Malloy had been having.

She was also shown to be in a fake relationship with Nicholas Torres in season 15. Fans have been watching to see if the two of them will actually end up getting together since they were working together on a case at the time.

Because Bishop is seen bidding farewell to Torres and promising to keep the secret NSA papers private during the episode, the conclusion of season 18 seems to have some answers. This implies that the season 18 finale will offer some clarification.

She was overheard speaking to Gibbs just before, during which she inquired about the significance of Rule 91. The meaning of the saying is “When you decide to go away, don’t look back,” according to the latter.

Because the programme implies that Bishop may either quit or be fired, Jessica Knight, who was first presented in the episode that aired on May 18, 2021, may be chosen for the position of new agent if it becomes open.

Due to the conversation, they overheard between Gibbs and Ellie, many are also speculating that one of them may leave. Additionally, the most recent episode’s advertisement included a scene in which Bishop and Torres kiss.

Despite this, if you are a d1e-hard fan of NCIS, you are aware that scenarios involving Tony and Ziva as well as Jack and Gibbs show that it is not a favourable omen for a pair to finally get together after a protracted period of separation.


What Happened To Ellie And Jake?

Ellie and Jake stop working together at the NSA and fall apart
In Season 13, Ellie joins the cast of “NCIS,” which is well-known for having people that seem to be exceptionally good at failing in romantic relationships. This is a group to which Ellie is now a member.

Given the strain and separation experienced by the couple, as well as Jake’s extramarital affair, the decision to have the character go through the process of getting a divorce makes complete and utter sense. The discovery that Ellie and Jake actually didn’t have that much in common was one of the primary factors that contributed to the breakup of their relationship.

The two individuals encounter one another at their respective positions at the National Security Agency (NSA), and their shared commitment to their work and the agency is the driving force behind both their initial meeting and their continued partnership. When Ellie first considers joining the NCIS, she most likely reasons that her marriage will be able to weather the storm because it’s only a new job.

But after she starts working with new people and not with Jake, Ellie begins to understand that maybe the NSA is all she actually has in common with her husband, and it is certainly not enough to keep a marriage stable. This realization comes once Ellie realizes that she is no longer working with Jake.

Wickersham discussed the demise of their marriage in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that took place immediately after the 2015 episode in which Jake admits to having an affair.

She stated that Ellie’s inability to disclose all the specifics of her job at NCIS to Jake was undoubtedly a contributing factor in the couple’s decision to divorce, but that “in reality, that shouldn’t end a marriage,” and that she believes “the marriage, the foundation, wasn’t strong enough to begin with.”

Ellie can now, thanks to the divorce, dedicate all of her time and energy to her career at the NCIS, branch out and meet new people, and begin a new phase in her life.

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