NCIS boss delivers major update on Vivian Kolchak’s season 20 return

CBS’ long-running procedural drama NCIS returned to screens in September with its milestone 20th season and picked up right where it left off following a dramatic cliffhanger. With Vivian Kolchak (played by Teri Polo) officially in the clear, the show’s showrunner has provided an update about the character’s future.

The season 19 finale introduced Vivian as Special Agent Alden Parker’s (Gary Cole) evil ex-wife as the episode delved into his past.

The episode titled Birds of a Feather revealed Alden had a complicated past which was noted by the stack of paperwork he had to sort through.

However, he was interrupted when Kasie Hines (Diona Reasonover) sent him an urgent notification which revealed someone had emailed photos of the kidnapping to the NCIS tip line.

The victim happened to be Vivian and it was made clear that the kidnapper wanted Alden to know they had her, but the list of potential enemies was too long to narrow down

NCIS: Vivian Kolchek

NCIS: showrunner opened up about Vivian’s future in the show (Image: CBS)

NCIS: Vivian Kolchek

NCIS: Vivian was introduced as Alden’s ex-wife (Image: CBS)

The investigation took a complicated turn when they found Alden’s old partner dead in his garage, and his own DNA was discovered under the dead man’s fingernails.

With the FBI on his trail, the NCIS team banded together to help Alden and his previously kidnapped ex-wife go on the run as he was being framed for m****r.

The finale strongly insinuated Vivian was behind it all as she sent out a text which read: “It’s done. I have him.”

However, season 20 revealed she wasn’t in cahoots with the convicted hacker known as The Raven (Michael Weston), as she was insulted when confronted by a suspicious Alden.


NCIS season 20

NCIS season 20 premiered with a crossover with NCIS Hawaii (Image: CBS)

NCIS: Alden and Gibbs

NCIS: Alden replaced Gibbs as the Special Agent in Charge (Image: CBS)


Although the two had reconnected for the brief storyline, it looks as though fans may not see Vivian and Alden back on screen together.

Speaking to TV Line, showrunner Steven D Binder stated: “There are no plans at the moment, but we loved working with Teri [Polo]

“And loved the dynamic between Parker and Vivian even more, so there is always a possibility.”

During the season 20 premiere, Alden and Vivian worked on the same side to bring The Raven down.

The episode also happened to be a crossover with NCIS Hawaii and saw the two teams work together to prove Alden’s innocence.

After The Raven’s identity was confirmed as Herman Maxwell, he escaped and ended up sh00t1ng Vivian, before being eventually captured.

Fans had hoped to see more of Vivian as she was listed as a recurring character for season 20.

There were wishes she and Alden would move on and reconnect on a personal level during another episode but this may not come to fruition.

As Steven hinted “there is always a possibility”, fans could see her work as a paranormal investigator for the Department of Defense connect with the NCIS team.

Season 20 also solidified Alden’s role as the Special Agent in Charge after viewers and his team were unsure of him when he replaced the beloved Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon).

As Gibbs had led the team since the pilot episode, it was a hard adjustment for the NCIS team who were devastated by his unexpected resignation.

Fans also came to accept Alden and put theories of Gibbs returning to bed when it was noted that Mark was no longer in the opening credits of the show.


NCIS season 20 continues Mondays on CBS in the US. A UK release date has yet to be announced.

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