‘NCIS’: Are Agent Jessica Knight and Jimmy Palmer Doomed?

NCIS lovebirds Jimmy Palmer and agent Jessica Knight are in a relationship. However, it doesn’t look like they’re on the same page. Here’s why their relationship might be doomed to fail.

Agent Knight doesn’t seem that excited to be with Jimmy

NCIS Season 20 Episode 4 (titled “Leave No Trace”) gives a glimpse into Jimmy and Jessica’s relationship. At the beginning of the episode, Jimmy talks about going on a spa weekend. He asks Jess if she would like to come along, and she pauses. She doesn’t look like she wants to spend the weekend with him. Instead, she stalls and emphasizes she would have to spend two days with him.

The interaction between Jimmy and Jessica feels strained at times. Jimmy is all in, but Jessica seems stiff and hesitant. It’s clear Jimmy is head over heels for Jess, but it doesn’t look like she feels the same way. It’s sometimes painful to watch Jimmy show so much excitement about their relationship, only to be met with Jessica’s lukewarm response.

Right now, Jess and Jimmy are spending time together, but they don’t have the label of boyfriend and girlfriend. Jimmy doesn’t even feel comfortable saying they’re dating. It’s been a few months, so this seems odd.

It looks like Jessica still has feelings for her ex-boyfriend

During episode 4, Jessica’s ex-boyfriend, Gage Winchester, helps with an investigation. We learn they met during FLETC training in New Mexico. They were together for a few years but Jess broke things off. She told Kasie that Gage was great during a crisis but after the crisis was over, he was all about himself.

During one scene, Jessica pulls Gage close to her after she spots a snake. After he thanks her for saving his life, they have a moment where they almost kiss. It looks like Jessica still has some feelings for Gage.

Gage wants to get back together with Jessica. He told her he was hoping to have more adventures with her. He also told Jimmy he was there to fight for Jessica. At the end of the episode, Gage decides to back off and let Jimmy pursue Jess. He even left a note for him that said, “You’re a good man, Doc.”

Is Jessica afraid of another failed relationship?

It could be argued that Jessica is simply fearful of another failed relationship because of how things ended with Gage. Kasie tells Jess not to worry about her relationship with Jimmy ending just because things didn’t work out with Gage.

“Whatever happened with Gage has you spooked about working with Jimmy if things don’t work out,” says Kasie. “The real question is, ‘What do you want now?” she asks. Jessica doesn’t seem to know.

Although Kasie thinks Jess is worried about things not working out, it looks like there’s more to this story. For some reason, it just doesn’t seem like Jessica is into Jimmy in the same way that he’s into her. She likes him, but she’s not head over heels. They seem to be at different stages.

Our take

We don’t think Jimmy and Jess are going to last. Jess and Gage’s breakup could be a foreshadowing of what will happen between her and Jimmy. Agent Knight has been hesitant about this relationship from the beginning, and it doesn’t look like that will change any time soon. Even after months of dating, she doesn’t want to put a label on the relationship. Things don’t look good for the couple.

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