Ncis Season 20 Sets Up a Major Character Departure, Cast Release Date, Spoilers

The NCIS episode “Guardian” teases the departure of a long-running cast member from the CBS procedural in Season 20. Who could be on their way out?

Because NCIS has aired for 20 seasons, fans have grown accustomed to cast adjustments. Gibbs’ exit was among the most difficult, and his absence from the opening credits was a letdown. However, many other departures were difficult, including Kate, Abby, Ziva, Tony, and Bishop. Whereas Season 20 has resolved into a schedule with its ideal Gibbs replacement, viewers are concerned about who will be the next character to depart.

Season 20 has made it very clear that Nick Torres will face a difficult time. Many fans believe he will not survive the current season due to other upcoming commitments for actor Wilmer Valderrama. The “Guardian” did, however, hint that NCIS is preparing for yet another key character departure. It also appears that NCIS Director Leon Vance is on his way out.

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Is Leon Vance Tired of Being NCIS Director?

The NCIS team experienced even more personal drama yet another episode after one wrench was thrown into Jimmy and Knight’s relationship. Director Vance was indeed the v1ct1m of a home invasion, but he dispatched one of the assailants quickly while the remaining two fled.

(After all, he was indeed a former boxing champion.) It was clear right away that Vance was being hunted. Despite this, he insisted on attending a pre-arranged conference throughout Berlin, so Alden Parker decided to accompany him as Vance’s protective detail.

Vance was in Germany for more than just business. He had thoughts and emotions for a woman with whom he had previously worked, and he wanted to see her. She was also almost k****d during one of one‘s previous operations. Vance told Parker everything while his friend was in the hospital.

He talked about seeing NCIS veterans end up alone and married to one‘s jobs. That’s precisely what’s been happening to him. His wife had d13d, and his kids had left. While he didn’t say it, this was clear he was very alone and seeking something more in life.

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Will Agent McGee Be the Next NCIS Director?

It didn’t take long for McGee to settle into his new role. He sometimes told Jimmy that he would be interested in becoming Director in the coming years. He wasn’t vying for Vance’s job, and the NCIS writers made it clear that his position as Director was only temporary. Nonetheless, McGee appeared to be at ease mostly in Director’s chair.

Vance had also occupied the position until Jenny Shepard’s d***h after Season 5, but he will have to step down at some point, and McGee will be ready to take his place.

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