‘NCIS’ Fans Fear Another Fan-Favorite May Be On His Way Out

NCIS fans have witnessed a number of their favorite characters depart the series in recent years. Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette) exited the series after season 15. Dr. Jack Sloane (Maria Bello) and Agent Bishop (Emily Wickersham) left in season 18. And, series stalwart Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) left his team at the beginning of season 19. Now, just a few episodes into season 20, fans fear another fan favorite may be on his way out.

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Could Director Leon Vance be on his way out at ‘NCIS’?

In the most recent NCIS episode on CBS, titled “Guardian”, NCIS director Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) was the v****m of a home invasion. The story left fans wondering if Vance would be harmed, or worse, while Agent Alden Parker (Gary Cole) and his team investigated.

They came through and Vance ended up surviving the incident, calming the audience’s fears for now. But, there is still speculation that the character will be saying goodbye sooner rather than later.

That’s because in the same episode, Tim McGee (Sean Murray) had to step in for Vance and take on his role temporarily when the director traveled overseas with Parker for a conference. McGee wasn’t thrilled with his new role of acting director at first. But, he quickly came to realize that he actually enjoyed it.

Will Director Vance retire soon?

The events of the most recent NCIS episode sparked a few theories. Most notably, some fans believe that Director Vance could be the next character to go. But instead of getting k****d off, he will likely have a much more peaceful exit — retirement or promotion.

Carroll is one of the longest-serving cast members on NCIS. His character made his debut in the season 5 episode “Internal Affairs” — almost 15 years ago. He was promoted to the main cast in season 6, and he’s remained there ever since.

In addition to being a major part of the cast, Caroll has also done plenty of work behind the camera. During his NCIS tenure, the actor has actually directed more than a dozen episodes.

Could Tim McGee become the new ‘NCIS’ director?

Seeing McGee in Vance’s position prompted a number of fans to start thinking about his future on the show. He became part of the NCIS team back in season 1 as a recurring character but was quickly promoted in season 2 to a regular cast member.

Fans were surprised when McGee opted not to take Gibbs’ job when Harmon left the series last year — the job that ended up going to Parker. But now, they realize that the director position might be a much better fit for the character. Even the NCIS Twitter account called it out.

After the episode aired, the show shared a GIF of McGee saying: “I’m actually pretty good at it.” in the caption they wrote, “Director McGee could have a nice ring to it someday. #NCIS.”

In response, one fan wrote, “Thinking that it will be Director McGee for the series finale.” Another added, “Would be a nice conclusion to the series, are you hinting CBS.” A third wrote, “Is this a foretelling? Love McGee!” And another added, “You guys are setting us up, aren’t you?”

NCIS airs Mondays on CBS.

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