‘NCIS’: Diona Reasonover’s TikTok Fail Is Going Viral

Diona Reasonover may already be famous for her role as Kasie Hinds in NCIS, but the actress is finding new fame somewhere else. Reasonover has found herself at the center of internet fame following her recent hilarious TikTok fail, which has garnered thousands of likes and comments and is now going viral.

The viral moment came on Thursday, Oct. 20 when Reasonover took to TikTok to react to another video of a man handing out some advice for when “you see a car like this scooting up, inching up, trying to get in front of you.” However, it seems Reasonover may be more familiar with forensic science than she is with using the social media app. As the clip cut to Reasonover, the actress appeared on screen with a filter on appearing to make it look like the actress was pulling the covers up close to her face in fear as a monster lurked at her bed.

“We have a phrase,” she can be heard saying in the hilarious clip before she abruptly cuts off to ask, “why is this filter on?” Reasonover attempted to ignore the filter and continue her video, sharing, “We have a phrase like that where I’m from,” before sighing and going silent for a moment, again asking, “What the f- is going on? I really was just trying to talk about cars. What the f- is going on?” As the monster lurked over the bed in the filter, Reasonover questioned, “is it just going to keep doing this,” before she ended the video without finishing.

The hilarious TikTok fail didn’t go unnoticed by the platform’s users. In the days since it was posted, Reasonover’s video has received 1.4 million views, more than 227,000 likes, and thousands of comments, with one person writing, “Thank you. That was the laugh I needed today.” Another person quipped, “the silence was so loud,” as somebody else added, “tears are rolling down my face. This was the unexpected laugh I needed!” The clip has gained so much attention that others have dueted with it, many of those videos showing the other TikToker struggling to contain their laughter over Reasonover’s confusion.


TikTok fail aside, Reasonover seems to be pretty skilled at the app. Her account boasts dozens of videos and more than 76,000 followers. Outside of TikTok, the actress is best known for her role as Kasie Hinds, the current Forensic Scientist for the NCIS Major Case Response Team out of the Navy Yard and Abigail Sciuto’s replacement, on NCIS. She has held the role since 2018 and also appeared as Kasie on spinoff series NCIS: Hawi’i. Reasonoer’s other credits include No ActivityFuture ManGrace and Frankie, and 2 Broke Girls, among many others.

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