‘NCIS’ Fans Think They Know Exactly How the Show Should Come to An End

NCIS is one of the longest-running dramas in the history of television. For 20 seasons and counting, the CBS procedural has aired more than 440 episodes — good for number four on the all-time list behind Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, and Gunsmoke.

Fans are starting to believe that the show could be nearing its end, especially in the wake of Mark Harmon’s exit. And when the time finally comes for NCIS to take its final bow — fans think they know exactly how the show should come to an end.

Tim McGee stepped in for Director Leon Vance in a recent ‘NCIS’ episode

In the most recent NCIS episode on CBS, titled “Guardian”, NCIS director Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) was the v****m of a home invasion. He managed to subdue the burglars and actually k**l one of them. But, Alden Parker (Gary Cole) was worried. So, he took it upon himself to become Vance’s protection detail when he headed overseas to a conference in Berlin.

While Vance and Parker were out of town, Tim McGee (Sean Murray) had to step in for Vance and take on the role of acting director. McGee wasn’t thrilled with his new job at first. But, he quickly came to realize that he actually enjoyed it. And, he was good at it.

Fans think they knew exactly how the show should come to an end

Seeing McGee in Vance’s position prompted a number of fans to start thinking about his future on the show. He became part of the NCIS team back in season 1 as a recurring character but was quickly promoted in season 2 to a regular cast member. His nickname for 13 seasons was “Probie,” courtesy of Agent Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly).

Fans were surprised when McGee opted not to take Gibbs’ job when Harmon left the series last year — the job that ended up going to Parker. But now, they realize that the director position might be a much better fit for the character. Even the NCIS Twitter account called it out.

After the episode aired, the show shared a GIF of McGee saying: “I’m actually pretty good at it.” In the caption, they wrote, “Director McGee could have a nice ring to it someday. #NCIS.”

This quickly prompted fan responses about what they think would be the perfect ending for NCIS. One fan wrote, “Thinking that it will be Director McGee for the series finale.” Another added, “Would be a nice conclusion to the series, are you hinting CBS.” A third wrote, “Is this a foretelling? Love McGee!” Another shared, “You guys are setting us up, aren’t you?”

Will ‘NCIS’ end after season 20?

NCIS has gone through some major changes in recent years. It lost the Tuesday night primetime slot that it held for almost two decades when it was moved to Monday night ahead of season 19. And, series star Mark Harmon — who played Leroy Jethro Gibbs since 2003 — exited the series.

Viewership has dropped significantly in recent years, too. And fans are speculating that two more cast members could be on their way out.

When Director Vance temporarily handed his job over to McGee, fans started wondering if Carroll was leaving soon. And, rumors have swirled for months that Wilmer Valderrama — who has played Nick Torres since season 14 — would be leaving after he was cast in the Zorro reboot at Disney.

The future of NCIS won’t be confirmed until next spring, though. CBS usually announces its renewals in March and April.

NCIS airs Mondays on CBS. Season 20 is streaming on Paramount+.

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