After 20 Seasons, NCIS Did Something It’s Never Done Before

The following contains spoilers from NCIS Season 20, Episode 6, “The Good F1ght3r,” which debuted Monday, Oct. 24 on CBS.

NCIS has done just about everything over nearly 450 episodes. The CBS drama’s cast has always lived up to expectations and its stories leave the fan base wanting more. While there is some inevitable overlap between old and new storylines after that many hours of TV, NCIS’ writers have kept things fresh and interesting with only one recent exception.

In Season 20, the series has moved on from Jethro Gibbs by breaking his rules, set up a rough time for Nick Torres and had Leon Vance shown overseas. NCIS also positioned Timothy McGee as Vance’s replacement if Vance potentially leaves. Season 20, Episode 6, “The Good F1ght3r” continued that forward-looking trend by trying something that NCIS has never done before. The series sent Kasie Hines undercover inside NCIS’ own building.

NCIS Made Kasie Look Like a V1ct1m and a S*sp3ct

There have been a number of undercover operations over NCIS‘ history. Just to name a few, Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David went undercover as married assass1ns in Season 3. Torres and Ellie Bishop went undercover as a cr1m1nal couple so that they could bring down a d**g ring in Season 12. Best of all, Gibbs posed as an IT technician in Season 12, leaving the rest of the team on pins and needles as he hilariously pretended to be tech-savvy.

“The Good F1ght3r” opened on Kasie in a f1ght1ng gym, where her trainer said that she needed to stop hes1tat1ng. In the parking lot, she was appr0ach3d by a mystery man and viewers thought that she had been abd* ct3d — especially when she didn’t show up to work the next morning. That wasn’t the case; Kasie had requested a personal day. However, things looked even worse when her fingerprints showed up on the laptop that belonged to the episode’s m****r v1ct1m.


Kasie Hines Found the Mole at NCIS

Kasie denied any involvement in the m****r, but insisted on being questioned in the interrogation room — only to turn the tables and start asking questions herself. “The Good F1ght3r” revealed that the Defense Cr1m1nal Investigative Service had recru1t3d her to perform an investigation into NCIS. She wanted McGee and Alden Parker inside the room so no one would overhear them. Her questions cleared all the members of the major case response team and they were able to move on with their m****r investigation. Kasie further helped by crawl.1ng through an air vent into a company’s secure server room.

Just before Gibbs left, Kasie had some traumat.1c experiences that she had trouble coping with. Joining a gym was one way that she was taking charg3 of her l1f3. Seeing her on a solo undercover operation was tremendous growth for her character — especially since she was invest1gat1ng her friends. She uncovered that the mol3 was actually her DCIS handler and arr3st3d the woman before the rest of the NCIS team came to help. Kasie proved that she could be an effective field agent if she wanted to, while showcasing NCIS‘ first experience with someone going undercover against their own team.

NCIS airs Mondays at 9:00 p.m. on CBS and streams on Paramount+.

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