NCIS: Hawai’i teases return of season one character – and we can’t wait

NCIS: Hawai’i has teased the return of an actor who has appeared in several of the popular franchise’s spin-offs, and we can’t wait to see him back in the show!
Linc Hand has appeared in small parts in three NCIS shows including NCIS season 11, NCIS: Los Angeles season six, and NCIS: Hawai’i season one as ‘Charlie One’, a special operative. In new promo snaps for episode eight, the actor can be seen sporting a nasty cut on his leg as he is supported by Vanessa Lachey’s character, Jane Tennant.
Linc confirmed he’d be returning to the show on Instagram back in September. Tagging himself in a selfie from Hawai’i, he captioned the post: “Just making memories. Playing pretend and laughing at what make-up can do. Cheers.” Fans were thrilled, with one writing: “Dude you look awesome,” while another person added: “Handsome back in town again.”

We can’t wait for the show’s return

This won’t be the only familiar face we see on the show, as Entertainment Weekly has revealed that the series will air a “massive” NCIS-verse crossover in season two, where the show will join with the original, and NCIS: Los Angeles. The exciting TV event is currently in production and scheduled to air in January 2023 – so stay tuned!
Yasmine Al-Bustami recently opened up about the amazing impact of the show, telling Arab News: “Yasmine told Arab News last month about her NCIS role’s impact: “I’m always taken aback whenever I find out that I’ve reached people. I didn’t really think about the capacity for something like this show to reach people all over the world.

Have you been watching season two?

“When I finally sit down, take some time to read [fan messages] and take them in, it can be overwhelming. I see that people are taking notice, feel represented, and feel seen, and suddenly I know for sure that I can contribute to that in some way.”

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