“Hi Chucky!” – Why does Diane call McGee “Chucky”?

Diane calls Gibbs ‘Woodchuck.“

A year ago, in “Devil’s Trifecta,” McGee made a comment about a case. She turned to Gibbs and said, “you must be so proud.” After that she referred to McGee as Chucky.

In “Devil’s Triad” Diane seems glad to see McGee, lights up a little, and says, “Hi Chucky.”

It’s kind of cool because she’s saying that he’s the son of the Woodchuck, or Gibbs.

At least, this is my understanding. Last year I came online asking about it and this was the explanation that made the most sense.

“Hi Chucky!” - Why does Diane call McGee “Chucky”?

A year ago, Diane ended up staying at McGee’s apartment for the night. She demanded that he hug her and then started crying. She was upset that her marriage to Victor wasn’t working out and thought that something was wrong with her. The two of them stayed up all night talking, then fell asleep – fully clothed – on the couch together.

Gibbs and Fornell walked in and found them that way. To this day, Fornell is pissed about it and thinks that something happened.

The “Devil’s Trifecta” (from Season 10) easily remains in my top ten favorite episodes.

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