NCIS Los Angeles’ Daniela Ruah laughs hysterically at ‘odd’ scene she directed

NCIS Los Angeles season 14 continues every Sunday night, delving into investigations and the personal lives of the agents. The CBS police procedural returned for its latest instalment this weekend, Sunday, November 6, with another puzzling d***h to look into. When one particular scene was analysed, actress and director Daniela Ruah couldn’t help but laugh.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from NCIS Los Angeles.

NCIS Los Angeles season 14 aired its fifth episode, Flesh and Blood, at the weekend on CBS.

The special agents were investigating the d***h of a man after his wife fled the m****r scene.

By the end of the episode, they were able to track his k****r to an Ivan Parsons who worked with extremist groups around the world.

NCIS LA was on the hunt for Parsons and when they saw him in the distance, they didn’t exactly make their presence discreet.

NCIS Los Angeles: director daniela ruah laughs

NCIS Los Angeles’ Daniela Ruah laughs hysterically at ‘odd’ scene. (Image: CBS/GETTY)

Instead of trying to catch the culprit off guard, they shouted: “Federal agents!”

Parsons took a double-take and then ran off, leaving one of them to ask: “Why do they always run?”

Flesh and Blood were directed by none other than actress Ruah who was questioned on the matter.

When it was brought up, the 38-year-old couldn’t help but laugh, reportedly for 20 seconds.

NCIS Los Angeles: flesh and blood daniela ruah

NCIS Los Angeles’ Daniela Ruah directed season 14’s Flesh and Blood. (Image: CBS)

NCIS Los Angeles: kensi blye actress daniela ruah

NCIS Los Angeles: Kensi Blye is played by actress Daniela Ruah. (Image: GETTY)

She went on to say: “Yeah. That’s why I’m laughing. It’s so odd!

“I mean, I can defend this in a myriad of ways, but at the end of the day, yes [it’s odd].

“There’s always that aspect of like, ‘Why would you yell ‘federal agents!’ from across the street when they can just run away at that moment, and get a head start on you?’

“I’m not even going to pretend that that’s not true.

“But I think that, with television, it’s just a question of suspended disbelief.

Ruah added: “Like, sometimes [that trope] helps to establish geography and show the place you’re in and the environment you’re in.

“I think that you could creatively explain it in myriad ways, but at the end of the day, logically, no, of course.”

This won’t be the only instalment that Ruah will be directing in this latest series.

She reportedly was also working behind the camera for episode 14 but, as of yet, no details have come out regarding what it will be about.

NCIS Los Angeles will be returning for season 14, episode six, on Sunday, November 13.

The synopsis for Glory of the Sea reads: “NCIS is called to investigate after Rear Admiral Ted Gordon is abducted from his home.

“Kensi struggles with being the fun parent while Deeks is apartment hunting with his mom.”

NCIS Los Angeles season 14 continues every Sunday night on CBS in the USA A UK release date hasn’t been announced.

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