NCIS LA crew member sparks frenzy with Kensi and Deeks behind-the-scenes snap

Although season 14 premiered in October, the cast and crew of NCIS LA have resumed production for their upcoming episodes. Fans were glad to gain some insight after production manager Rick Tunell shared a snap on Twitter.

Taking to Twitter, Rick posted a photo which featured Kensi Blye (played by Daniela Ruah) and her husband Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen).

While Daniela posed for the snap, Eric appeared to be talking to director John Kousakis as he prepared to step into a car.

The photo was captioned: “TGIF. First shot 8:01 am. John Kousakis directs the 316th episode of #ncisla.”

As a result, some excited fans took to the comments to share their excitement and anticipation for the episode.


NCIS: Kensi and Deeks

NCIS: A bts image of Kensi and Deeks sent fans into a frenzy (Image: CBS)

NCIS: Deeks and Pamela

NCIS: Deeks’ mother Pamela arrived in town (Image: CBS)

An emotional @laraluzioleitao responded: “Tears of Joy. My favourite duo.”

A thrilled @KrystleManning2 added: “Dani and Eric filming together!”

While @eiregal1tried to guess what the episode could entail: “He’s wearing the ring, a gift from Rosa maybe?”

Speculating Deeks could have been in trouble, the fan added: “Also looks like he’s a black eye.”

NCIS: Deeks, Kensi and Rosa

NCIS: Deeks and Kensi adopted Rosa (Image: CBS)

In the recent episodes, viewers got to learn more about Kensi and Deek’s relationship as they adjusted to parenthood.

Episode six, Flesh & Blood saw the return of Deek’s mother Roberta Deeks (Pamela Reed) who arrived in town to meet their newly adopted daughter, Rosa Reyes (Natalia Del Riego).

Pamela’s arrival opened old wounds for Deeks who had to revisit his traumatic childhood to investigate a domestic violence case.

After watching his mother suffer a***e, he was able to empathise with v****m Clarice (Marnee Carpenter) who was fleeing from the scene of her husband’s d***h.

Following Kensi and Deeks’ wedding in season 10, viewers saw the couple consider adoption after struggling to conceive.

Although they wanted to adopt a baby, the couple agreed to take in the teenager during the season 13 finale.

This came after Rosa was at risk of being deported after her grandmother was placed in hospice care, which meant she no longer had somewhere to live while she filed for asylum.

While things were seemingly going well for the family, the upcoming episode could highlight some difficulties for Kensi.

The synopsis read: “NCIS is called to investigate after Rear Admiral Ted Gordon is abducted from his home.

“Also, Kensi struggles with being the fun parent while Deeks is apartment hunting with his mom.”

Having adopted a teenager, Kensi could feel pressure to be a light-hearted and carefree parent, which may prove tricky to overcome.

With Pamela in town, perhaps her presence could be beneficial and she could be an important part of this storyline for the second episode in a row.


NCIS Los Angeles season 14 continues Sundays on CBS. A UK release date is yet to be announced

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