Why Did Bishop Leave NCIS? The Accusations And Exit

Want to know why did Bishop leave NCIS? Popular series NCIS has been hailed for being CBS’ longest-running scripted primetime series and further went on to expand its franchise as it has made way for several other long-running series, including NCIS: Los Angeles, along with freshman series NCIS: Hawai’i, along with the recently made spin-off NCIS: New Orleans.

Believe it or not but the original series NCIS itself was a spin-off of JAG, which had a successful run for a long time from 1995 to 2005. The hit series revolves around the lives and adventures of federal special agents as they undergo life-threatening incidents to solve c****s.

Fans are in for a huge heartbreak as one of the series leads, played by Emily Wickersham, first joined the cast of “NCIS” back in 2013. Let us take a look at all the details and lesser-known facts to know why did Bishop leave NCIS.

Why did Bishop leave NCIS? 

The real reason why Bishop left NCIS has never been disclosed. The series star, Emily, however, took to social media to thank everyone for their unconditional love and support. She further called the entire cast and crew top-notch while remembering the entire journey.

The actress further talked about how she considers herself lucky enough to be a part of a show where she got to show up and act and laugh and learn with wonderful people, which is a moment in time that she surely won’t forget.

why did bishop leave ncis

Why did Bishop leave NCIS?

As Emily concluded the note by thanking CBS and NCIS for including her in a part of television history while saying how time goes fast, so it is important to “Eat it up but chew slowly.” Emily Wickersham joined NCIS after the departure of Cote de Pablo, who portrayed the role of former Mossad agent and NCIS Special Agent Ziva David.

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What happened to Ellie Bishop in NCIS?

Fans were in for a huge shock in the season finale, as Emily Wickersham’s NCIS character Ellie Bishop was accused of leaking important documents. Much to viewers’ surprise, Bishop ended up confessing to leaking classified NSA documents even though, in reality, she hadn’t committed the c***e. Bishop quit her job in the NCIS, and it turns out she will now work as a disgraced undercover agent.

Emily’s exit from the show is further hinted at after Bishop kisses Nicholas Torres goodbye and tells him that he will be gone for a long time. Take a look at these pictures as Bishop poses with Torres! Fans will surely miss agent Bishop! 


As Emily Wickersham herself confirmed her exit from the show in an Instagram post, co-star  Brian Dietzen, who plays medical examiner, Dr. Jimmy Palmer, bid her a heartfelt farewell as he wrote how proud he is of her and how they all would miss her on set but is also excited to see what the actress does next.

Another co-star Diona Reasonover, who portrays “NCIS” forensics specialist Kasie Hines also took to the comment section to bid her friend and co-star heartfelt goodbye. 

why did bishop leave ncis.

Agent Bishop with Agent Torres

Who is Agent Bishop in NCIS?

Agent Bishop made her first debut on NCIS from Season 11 onwards. The character was introduced as an NSA analyst and became a liaison between NSA and NCIS while being offered a full-time job at NCIS. The character has become a fan favorite since then and is known for her love for snacks! The character has been a series regular since then.

Bishop has developed a great character dynamic with Tony and McGee while working alongside Agent Torres. Given her impeccable chemistry with Torres, fans have been rooting for the two since two over the years. Sadly that did not quite happen as fans could notice Bishop started acting all distant, and Torres soon realized that something had changed between them.

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