Michael Weatherly’s special romantic gesture to wife Bojana Jankovic is so touching

Michael Weatherly made the most romantic gesture to his wife Bojana Jankovic on their first date – and you won’t believe it.


The actor, 54, was so enthralled with Bojana after their first meeting, that he flew all the way to Paris to take her on their first date after she revealed she was going on vacation with friends.

Recalling the heartwarming moment in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the star explained: “I ran into this beautiful woman with her hair in a ponytail and I was smitten, and I said ‘I’m going to take you out to dinner.’



The pair married in 2009


“I was in Vancouver where she lived and was in medical school and I was just visiting seeing the Police in concert, seven years ago, and the beautiful Bojana my wife, I said ‘tomorrow are you free for dinner?’ and she said ‘I’m very busy’ so I said, ‘Next week I’ll fly back from LA’ she said I can’t, ‘I’m going to Europe for three weeks with my girlfriends but I’ll be back’ and I said, ‘Where are you going’ and she said, ‘Well I am in Paris for the first night…’ and I said: ‘Paris? How about if I take you to dinner in Paris?'”

Michael’s romantic gesture worked as following a two-year long-distance relationship the couple wed in 2009 and have been going strong ever since. He added to People: “My kids and my marriage are the things I’m proudest of.”


The pair have a wonderful relationship

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