Where is NCIS Los Angeles’ Barrett Foa now?

Tech operator Eric Beale (played by Barrett Foa) was one of the original stars of NCIS Los Angeles, helping the field agents track down information to crack challenging cases. He made his exit alongside his girlfriend Nell Jones (Renee Felice Smith), much to CBS fans’ surprise and disappointment. Here’s everything Express.co.uk knows about what Barrett Foa has been up to since leaving NCIS LA.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from NCIS Los Angeles.

Where is NCIS Los Angeles’ Barrett Foa now?

There had been some signs that Foa’s exit was in the pipeline for quite some time as he took a hiatus from NCIS LA during series 11.

He left as part of a secret mission that only Operations Manager Hetty Lange (Linda Hunt) knew about, keeping Nell in the dark.

But Foa was in fact on a break from the show so he could star in the play Angels in St Louis.

Since leaving NCIS LA, the 45-year-old has continued to pursue his love for life on the stage.


NCIS Los Angeles: actor barrett foa now

Where is NCIS Los Angeles actor Barrett Foa now? (Image: CBS/GETTY)

NCIS Los Angeles: eric beale actor barrett foa

NCIS Los Angeles: Eric Beale was played by actor Barrett Foa. (Image: GETTY)

Earlier this month, Foa joined the cast of off-Broadway show Hyprov, which combined hypnosis with improvised comedy.

He stepped in at the last minute for Whose Line is it Anyway star Colin Mochrie after he had fallen ill.

Foa explained on Instagram that it initially felt like the “wrong match” for him but decided to pursue the opportunity anyway and was delighted with the results.

He wrote: “I had a long, passionate conversation about wanting, no, NEEDING to be back in a theatre, and now, BAM!,

I had in my lap, a golden opportunity to do just that.

“I took a deep breath and in true clichéd improv comedy fashion, said, ‘YES AND.'”

NCIS Los Angeles: eric beale nell jones cbs

NCIS Los Angeles’ Eric Beale and Nell Jones. (Image: CBS)

NCIS Los Angeles: barrett foa theatre stage

NCIS Los Angeles’ Barrett Foa has been spending more time in the theatre since his exit. (Image: GETTY)

Foa continued: “I packed like a Tasmanian devil, slept for ONE hour, flew to New York in a middle seat, showered, and rehearsed onstage for a whopping 30 minutes.

“I was nervous, delirious, unprepared and barely alive. But as I hit the stage to make my improv comedy debut, this ‘wrong match’ was suddenly right.

“I could feel myself releasing the grips and squirms of my uncertainty, my discomfort, my fear to find a juicy adrenaline rush of delicious, playful, ‘YES, AND’ energy waiting for me on the other side.”

Returning to the stage hasn’t been the only project that has been taking up his time either.

Since the end of last year, the former NCIS LA star has been the Vice President of non-profit Every Day Action’s board.

The charitable organisation aims to reduce food waste on film sets by delivering any leftover gourmet meals to the hungry and homeless in Los Angeles.

He was receiving support from his ex co-stars in December 2021 as actresses Daniela Ruah and Smith, and actor Eric Christian Olsen agreed to double any donations made to the cause.

Foa wrote: “After only 18 months as an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Every Day Action has fast become the industry standard.

“Now trays of perfectly fresh, delicious gourmet food goes into mouths, not dumpsters. I couldn’t be more proud to sit as Vice President of their Board.”

Foa’s Eric Beale had received funding for his Kaleidoscope-based tech firm in Tokyo and asked for Nell to join him as his number two.

She was reluctant at first, given how their relationship had gone through a rough patch.

But she decided to take a leap of faith and accompany Eric to Tokyo with the pair leaving their days at NCIS LA behind for good.

NCIS Los Angeles season 14 continues every Sunday on CBS in the USA. A UK release date hasn’t been announced.

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