“NCIS”: Familiar face back after 4 years

The case Alden Parker’s team had to solve in last Monday’s episode “Love Lost” involves Secretary of the Navy Tara Flynn and her husband Felix Lassiter. Because he believes that she wants him ki***d. He would have survived several a*****s, albeit only just. He was nearly run over by a car, his own car’s brakes failed, and he crashed into a tree. And the carbon monoxide alarm in his apartment went off too. All absurd, says his wife. She wanted to divorce him and not k**l him.

As it soon turns out, she’s telling the truth. However, when Felix collapses, foaming at the mouth, and is taken to the hospital, Parker’s team pricks up their ears. How came the Russian nerve agent in his bloodstream? As his daughter confesses, her father has gambling debts. This leads McGee and Knight to the Russian Olev Kozlovwho operates an illegal casino. Koslov is not to blame in this case, but his colleague Zero knows more.

After another series of twists and turns, it finally turns out that Felix’s son-in-law started the m****r attempts because Felix had taken out a large life insurance policy, the sum of which would have been paid out to his daughter in the event of his d***h. “NCIS” has rarely been more abstruse.

And where was the “JAG” star hidden? Olev Koslov was played by Patrick Labyorteaux. He appeared as Bud Roberts Jr. in the parent series 208 times. As such, he has already had three appearances on “NCIS”, most recently in 2018. This time, however, he gave the criminal Russians.

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