NCIS sparks Jessica Knight d***h fears as team panic ‘we need to find her’

Agent Jessica Knight (played by Katrina Law) has become a fan-favourite member of the NCIS task force ever since her introduction to the team in season 18. However, her time as a field agent may be running out as the next episode of the CBS drama puts her directly in the line of enemy fire.

The eighth episode of NCIS’s 20th season threatens to completely destroy the fabric of the team if their mission is unsuccessful.

In next Monday’s case, titled Turkey Trot, the task force takes part in a charity fun run for Thanksgiving which quickly descends into chaos.

They soon realise Agent Knight could have been targeted by an unknown foe, and race into action to keep her safe.

A synopsis for the upcoming episode reads: “After an unknown shooter causes chaos at an annual Thanksgiving 5K, time is of the essence for the NCIS team to find the culprit.”


Katrina Law as Jessica Knight

NCIS sparks Jessica Knight d***h fears with explosive new promo: ‘We need to find her’ (Image: CBS)

Katrina Law as Jessica Knight

NCIS: Agent Knight is caught in a huge explosion (Image: CBS)

“Also, Kasie (Diona Reasonover) joins Knight for Thanksgiving lunch at Knight’s sister’s house.”

Thankfully, it’s not all doom and gloom on the next NCIS as fans will finally get the chance to meet Knight’s sister, Robin (Lilan Bowden).

Unfortunately, Robin may have to prepare herself for the worst as it’s clear her sister is in grave danger by the latest promo for this season.

The teaser for next week’s episode gives viewers a glimpse at the titular Turkey Trot before an explosion throws the event into turmoil.

Katrina Law as Jessica Knight

NCIS: The agents realise Knight might have been targeted (Image: CBS)

Katrina Law as Jessica Knight

NCIS: Can Knight escape before he pulls the trigger? (Image: CBS)

Back at NCIS HQ, Knight’s colleague Tim McGee (Sean Murray) makes a startling revelation about the a****k.

“Look who’s standing directly in the bullet’s path,” he says, bringing up a picture of Knight in her running gear.

“Was he shooting at Knight?” a concerned Agent Nicolas Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) asks.

Not only was the fun run sabotaged by some sort of bomb, but whoever it is they’re dealing with apparently has it out for NCIS agents as well.

The run was also overseen by Navy personnel, so the a******r could simply be someone trying to a****k the US military.

However, the NCIS agents will nevertheless have to take extreme precautions, as the loss of a vital agent like Knight would leave them more vulnerable than ever.

If there was any doubt about Knight’s involvement in the case, the final shot of the teaser gives fans even more reason to worry heading into next week’s episode.

As team leader Alden Parker (Gary Cole) starts the search, Knight is shown being held at gunpoint by someone with their face obscured.

Could NCIS be about to drop a devastating twist by k*****g off one of its most beloved agents midway through the season?

The assailant’s face is impossible to make out, so it’s unclear if the agent is dealing with someone from her past who has a vendetta.

Either way, this is one of the most dangerous situations fans have seen Knight face in just over two years on the series, and she will have to do some quick thinking to ensure her survival.

NCIS season 20 continues Mondays on CBS in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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