NCIS’ DiNozzo Actor Expresses Interest In Show Return

Years after he left the procedural, Michael Weatherly expresses his interest in reprising his role as “Very Special Agent” Tony DiNozzo on NCIS.

Tony DiNozzo actor Michael Weatherly expresses interest in returning to NCIS. The third-longest-running scripted live-action show on broadcast television premiered in 2003 and continues to be one of the network’s most successful series. Given its history, NCIS has seen its fair share of cast shake-ups over the years, with several core characters deciding to exit the show. Long before Mark Harmon’s exit as Leroy Jethro Gibbs, his right-hand man DiNozzo left the team at the end of season 13 to prioritize raising his newly discovered daughter.

As a fan-favorite, Weatherly’s NCIS season 13 exit is arguably one of the most impactful departures on the series. It left a big void in the police procedural, and CBS knew better than to find someone who could replace him, instead moving forward with narratives with only minimal references to him. Years after his exit, however, it does seem like Weatherly is ready to revisit potentially his most iconic role, as he suggests in a brand-new social media post. In his tweet, he casually drops the idea that he may be up for “another round of DiNozzo at some point.” Read Weatherly’s full post below:



Could DiNozzo Ever Return To NCIS?

Mark Harmon as Gibbs and Michael Weatherly as DiNozzo in NCIS season 13

Prior to Weatherly’s social media post, his former co-star, Sean Murray, shared an NCIS throwback image of Timothy McGee and DiNozzo. This floats the idea that CBS is cooking up a special reunion for the characters, which would be a fitting surprise for NCIS season 20. For context, when Weatherly exited the police procedural, it was to headline his own legal drama, Bull, which has now concluded. Given all these factors, it’s arguably the perfect time to bring back the “Very Special Agent.”

Weatherly reprising his role as DiNozzo would be a special treat for long-time fans of NCIS, as, since his departure at the end of season 13, he hasn’t made any guest appearances. But, if CBS really wants to come up with a great surprise for viewers, they may also want to recruit Harmon as well, so Gibbs and DiNozzo can make their long-awaited reunion. Perhaps Cote de Pablo as Ziva David can also join the fun, since she and DiNozzo rekindled their romance after they both left the service anyway.

Despite all of these teases, however, it’s best for fans to hold off on building their expectations about Weatherly’s appearance on NCIS season 20. Unless CBS makes an official announcement, it’s unwise to get invested on the idea, in case things don’t pan out the way they would want. In any case, the good news is Weatherly at least is eager to return to the police procedural, which would make it easier to reincorporate him on the series.

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