NCIS fans fear Gibbs d3ath as CBS star drops crossover ‘bodybag’ clue: ‘Please not Gibbs!’

Nick Torres (played by Wilmer Valderrama) is just one of the stars from NCIS who’ll soon be joining forces with NCIS LA stalwarts G Callen (Chris O’Donnell) and Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) as well as Hawaii’s Jane Tennant (Vanessa Lachey) and Jesse Boone (Noah Mills). There have been a few pictures and plot details released to tease what’s in store from the January 2 event, but the latest spoiler from actor Valderrama has left a number of fans concerned there could be an exit for former leading man Gibbs (Mark Harmon).

fter all, Gibbs hasn’t been seen in the world of NCIS since he decided to enjoy some downtime in Alaska at the start of season 19.

Alden Parker (Gary Cole) has since led Torres, Knight (Katrina Law), McGee (Sean Murray) and the rest of the team in Gibbs’s absence and a return has looked increasingly unlikely.

But could CBS bosses really be lining up his d3ath? Fans have shared their concern after a new snap was shared on Valderrama’s Instagram.

He’s joined by NCIS LA’s Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) Callen as well as Hawaii’s Jesse and Tennant, and Parker, McGee, Knight and Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) also strike a pose.


NCIS season 20: Gibbs

NCIS season 20: Fans fear Gibbs’ d3ath after the latest teaser (Image: GETTY/CBS/INSTAGRAM)

NCIS season 20: Gibbs and McGee in season 19

NCIS season 20: Gibbs left McGee while in Alaska (Image: GETTY/CBS)

However, the most striking observation is the fact the dream team of agents are standing around a body bog.

And judging by its shape, it’s clear to see there is a body inside the sheet.

“Monday January 2nd 2023,” Valderrama penned in the caption to the snap. “History will be made.. #NCISVerse.”

Naturally, fans wanted to learn more about the upcoming scenes, with @lindajillrandall replying: “Who’s in the body bag???”

NCIS season 20: LA and Hawaii

NCIS season 20: LA and Hawaii teams join NCIS agents (Image: GETTY/CBS)

Dropping a worrying teaser, Valderrama replied: “@lindajillrandall someone we ALL know..” followed by a handful of sad emojis.

Inevitably, this sparked concern amongst followers who saw Valderrama’s reply in the comments.

And Gibbs quickly emerged as the frontrunner who’d fit the bill to be the victim according to fans.

“@wilmervalderrama Please not Gibbs,” @arlarm112 pleaded while @ts_mme.g echoed: “@wilmervalderrama tell me it’s not gibbs.”

Elsewhere, @alexissssespinoza_ went one step further with her reply: “@wilmervalderrama If he is one of the most beloved characters, I swear to hate NCIS with all my soul.”

While @rebeccainnes_ seemed puzzled by the clue: “@wilmervalderrama um, what!?” followed by a straight-faced emoji.

And @dianehep was already fearing the worst: “@wilmervalderrama oh. I don’t say that,” followed by crying emojis. (sic)

Fans will have to tune into the episode to find out for sure but judging by Valderrama’s tease, the agents are going to have a personal connection to the victim.

The three-way crossover event will take place over the course of three hours on Monday, January 2.

NCIS LA is ditching its usual Sunday night slot for one night only to accommodate the one-off special.

This will be the first time LA, Hawaii and the flagship drama have merged together in this way, with NCIS having taken part in crossovers with each of its spin-offs separately beforehand.

NCIS season 20 returns to CBS in the USA on January 2, 2023. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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