NCIS crossover: The TV promo released for big return date

The NCIS crossover released its first TV promo, giving fans a look at the big event that will arrive in January 2023.

The trio of shows from the NCIS Universe is currently on a long winter hiatus, but they will all return on the same date.

Set for Monday, January 2, the NCISverse crossover event will be three hours long, beginning with a new episode of NCIS at 8/7c on CBS.

Having all three shows on the same night will make it much easier for fans who want to tune in for the full story.

Recently, some spoilers about the NCIS crossover revealed why the agents from all three cities are coming together for one case, and it has an exciting backstory.

Now, we finally have some footage to go along with all of the adverting that CBS has been doing on social media.

NCIS crossover event trailer

Below is the first official TV promo for the NCIS crossover that contains episode footage. Of primary interest will be one scene where there are eight agents from the three shows gathered in one room.

For any fans who have been keeping up with all four NCIS programs over the years, this is going to be a really exciting culmination of years on the air. Unfortunately, we aren’t going to get to see the people from NCIS: New Orleans taking part.

We do expect a more in-depth trailer to be released as the event draws closer, but this teaser certainly gives us something to get excited about.

More news from NCIS

Fans have been buzzing a bit after Michael Weatherly teased a return to the show. He has done this before, though, so it is something we will have to take with a grain of salt for now.

Also, some fans got a bit worried about Sean Murray leaving the show after a social media post of his own. His choice of words certainly caused people to take notice, but he often uses quotes that he likes.

And an interesting spoiler about NCIS: Los Angeles was revealed by star Daniela Ruah, as she spoke about what’s to come in Season 14 of the show.

While we wait for January 2, 2023 to roll around on the calendar, fans can go back and enjoy all prior episodes from the NCIS shows by streaming them on Paramount+.

NCIS airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.

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