Why Did Pauley Perrette Leave NCIS? The Harrasment Case

Pauley Perrette left NCIS a long time ago, and I guess this is finally the time to discuss what happened with her. The actress had spent over 15 years in the drama but her exiting so sniffly made all the fans curious. Her character, Abby Scutio, was literally loved by fans so much that at one point, she became the most popular actress on US Primetime television. She used to work as a forensic scientist for the NCIS team and helped them with every episode of the cases and other m*****s.

The best aspect of her character was her gothic dress-up. She had a personality of her own and was not just a doctor working at the labs. Despite being a goth girl, she was very perky and cheerful and loved her work as a forensic scientist. Now, given the fact that her fans loved Pauley, the United States loved Pauley, and even NCIS loved Pauley, what was the thing that made her leave the show after 15 years of working at it?

By the end of NCIS season 15, we saw that Pauley was ready to pack her back and leave through the exit. This was a shocker to all her fans, who were hoping to see some more of her quirkiness on the television screen. With the series running for so long and her being one of the best original cast members that the show had, everyone was just plainly wondering about what actually went down to have her make such a decision in the first place.

Why Did Pauley Perrette Leave NCIS?

A still of Pauley from NCIS

As for Abby on the show, we saw the plot where she resigned after an assassination attempt was made on her, which left a huge scar on her emotionally. But offline, the reason Pauley had was far from an assassination attempt.

Why Did Pauley Perrette Leave NCIS?

The real reason why Pauley left NCIS was her relationship fell out with the lead, Mark Harmon. Even though they were not reported in the mainstream entertainment media, the two actors had a huge fallout behind the cameras. It was then brought to our attention in 2016. Just like their off-screen relationship, their on-screen goodbye was not so sweet as well. Abby was seen having a farewell with all her colleagues at the NCIS quarters, but Gibbs just left a note and watched as he read it from a distance.

On her Twitter account, there were various disturbing tweets about how Pauley had to lie in order to keep her sanity and protect her abusive cast mates. Throughout this time, Pauley had been feeling really guilty as she spoke in her tweets about why she left NCIS in the first place.

Also, there were other accusations made against Harmon. Thus, in order to clear those out, he issued a statement on Twitter stating that the articles which are published were just lies about him. He said that people do not know him and that they should not judge him at all.

Why Did Pauley Perrette Leave NCIS?

A still from NCIS

What Did Pauley Say About The Harassment?

The next tweet which Pauley made was even more disturbing. She talked about how she has to save her crew as well as the job, but the cost is protecting a cr1m3. She says that it is getting really heavy on her with it all.

After she had quit the series, and obviously, the fans were truly upset and wanted to know the reason, Pauley made an official statement releasing the information. This was the real reason all along. There were also petitions for her to bring back Abby.

Pauley Perrette, in a tweet in 2019, wrote that she will never be on NCIS ever again. It is because she is scared of Harmon and how he a*****s her all the time. She says she is deeply scarred by the event and even has nightmares about it. By that time, she had moved on to another project and said that she had already bagged a new show whose environment is not as toxic as it is at NCIS. Thus, it is sad to say that yet another great actress had to leave because of workplace discrimination and harassment.

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