NCIS spoilers: Brian Dietzen reveals great news about his character

Some small NCIS spoilers have come out thanks to actor Brian Dietzen himself.

Within the NCISVerse, Brian plays Dr. Jimmy Palmer, who has now interacted with people from each of the shows.

During the big crossover event, Jimmy got kidnapped and taken to Hawaii along with agents Jane Tennant and Sam Hanna.

As the trio carried out their escape, Jimmy slammed one of their assailants against a metal door.

Jimmy said that he thought he broke his thumb, and that also appeared to be the case when he was wearing something to keep him from using the hand later in the episode.

Now, the actor who plays Jimmy has popped up on social media to give fans an update on his NCIS character. The biggest reason this is important is that Jimmy is a doctor who needs the full use of both hands.

Brian Dietzen addresses Jimmy’s broken thumb

“How’s your thumb,” a fan asked Brian on his Twitter page.

“Turns out it wasn’t broken. But better safe than sorry!” Brian responded to the curious fan.

In hindsight, it was clear he was fine based on how he was destroying that sandwich.
Brian Dietzen Thumb PostBrian Dietzen addresses a question from an NCIS fan. Pic credit: @BrianDietzen/Twitter
This is very good news for Dr. Palmer, as it should allow him to get right back to work with the new episode.

Regarding that new episode, NCIS has a TV promo and synopsis out that reveals an intriguing story to be told.

As for the action sequence where the injury took place, a brief clip of it is shared below.

More news from NCIS

Michael Weatherly created his own stir on social media recently when he got fans buzzing about what might take place later this year.

According to Michael, he thinks fans should keep a lookout for a Tony and Ziva reunion on NCIS, possibly hinting at a real return to the show.

It would certainly be neat to have a lot of former characters return to the show in one form or another, especially if CBS comes through with an order for NCIS Season 11.

Looking at just the Fall 2022 ratings for NCIS, the outlook is actually really good for the most-watched drama on television.

There are still a lot of new episodes left to debut in the back half of NCIS Season 20, and for fans who need to catch up, the ones that have already aired are available for streaming on Paramount+.

NCIS airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.

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