NCIS boss shares Tony DiNozzo Sr return update as Michael Weatherly fuels comeback rumours

Robert Wagner hasn’t been seen on the CBS series since making a brief return in 2019 as part of the season 16 episode, Bears and Cubs.
Tony DiNozzo Sr (played by Robert Wagner) may have only appeared in a little over a dozen episodes of CBS drama NCIS but his onscreen charm has still made him a fan-favourite over the years. However, as speculation continues to surround his character’s son Tony (Michael Weatherly) making a comeback to the action, questions have also arisen about whether he could be joined by his father.
The father and son duo haven’t been seen together in the CBS drama since the season 13 finale in which Tony Jr bid farewell to the team.

Wagner reprised his role in a few episodes since, popping up in seasons 14, 15 and 16 to provide updates on his son’s wellbeing.

But with NCIS now in its milestone 20th season, fans’ hopes for a reunion are stronger than ever.

However, while Weatherly may have fanned the flames about Tony Jr returning now Bull has finished on CBS, the same can’t be said for Wagner.

TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich broke the news in his Inside Line column in which he explained: “Well, as past showrunners noted one year into the pandemic, Wagner is now in his 90s.

“Plus guesting on NCIS would require him to travel on top of that,” he continued.

The reporter went on to explain: “And as current showrunner Steven D Binder updated us last week, there are ‘no plans as of yet, but we do always love working with him.’”

The 92-year-old Emmy nominee is still open to working onscreen, however, as IMDb cites he’ll star in the upcoming family flick The Trouble as well as being rumoured to star in blockbuster SuperSonic alongside Eric Roberts and Tara Reid.

And with a big chunk of season 20 still to hit screens, it does sound like the door is open for Wagner to return.

However, fans will undoubtedly be disappointed to learn these plans aren’t currently in force.

Weatherly, on the other hand, has done little to quash the rumours his character Tony Jr will soon return to the action.

On January 1, he dropped an almighty tease that not only Tony would be back, but that he could be joined by none other than Ziva David (Cote de Pablo).

Reacting to one fan on Twitter who suggested they’d like to see the duo return, Weatherly penned: “Stay tuned…

“For this might be an interesting year for such ‘moments’!” Weatherly added.

He’d further added to the speculation with a post on December 8, 2022, as he posed in a slick suit in a New York office building.

He teased this time: “After a whirlwind few days in LA I’m back in NYC and happy to report that lots of interesting things are happening on the work front… stay tuned!”
However, it is worth noting there has been no official word from CBS at the time of writing that Tony Jr will return to reunite with the likes of McGee (Sean Murray) and Palmer (Brian Dietzen).

But it didn’t stop fans from expressing their excitement over his New Year’s Day tease, with NCIS fan and Twitter user Sherri Keefer responding: “Oh, Michael, how we #Tiva fans would love for this to come to be!!”

While Christine Tipton weighed in: “Ahh please don’t play with my heart! Lol I just want to know they are still together and a family.”

NCIS season 20 continues Monday on CBS in the USA. Season 20 premieres Wednesday, January 18 on Disney+ in the UK.

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