NCIS Cote De Pablo EXPOSES What It Was REALLY Like To Return..

NCIS Cote De Pablo EXPOSES What It Was REALLY Like To Return..

Welcome back to Film Craze. Here’s some news for you about Cote De Pablo. According to an interview Cote de Pablo had in 2019 with BUILD Series, returning to “NCIS” after a few years away was a challenge for one specific reason — the fight sequences. Pablo explained that often getting the fights right on “NCIS” can take three hours or more, depending on its complexity. “You know it’s funny, I mean, I’m a gym person, and I go all the time and everything,” Pablo noted of her physical preparedness for fight scenes. However, she explained that reading the script and seeing those words is always intimidating.

Pablo explained that she wondered how she could get through it for three hours, curious if her struggle was due to being away from the show for so long. It might be something actors would get used to while being regulars on “NCIS,” but it likely makes it more challenging after taking time off. With Michael Weatherly now ending his time with “Bull” after its cancellation, many are curious to see if he will return to “NCIS” along with Pablo for guest appearances, even the show’s executive producer Steven D. Binder. Only time will tell. In related news, When CBS first aired NCIS back in 2003, they probably had no idea this spin-off of their JAG series would be the television juggernaut it’s become. The show is still going strong all these years later, and for a long time now, it’s been the network’s most-watched drama and their second most-watched show. Michael Weatherly was tired of the NCIS grind. Pauley Perrette is terrified of Mark Harmon. Cote de Pablo wanted more respect for Ziva. Sasha Alexander just couldn’t do NCIS anymore.

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