NCIS fans ‘work out’ Nick Torres exit twist as ‘replacement’ welcomed to the team

Torres and his frenemy Dale Sawyer had to put their differences aside in the latest episode of NCIS for a rather tense undercover mission.
Big Rig wasn’t the first time Dale Sawyer (played by Zane Holtz) entered the world of NCIS to get on the wrong side of long-serving agent Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama). This time, however, the pair’s rivalry appeared to diminish as they had to work together in order to take down a drug-dealing rig which had close personal ties to the CBS drama newcomer. However, their newfound bond has left some fans concerned for Torres’ future.
By the end of NCIS season 20, episode 12, Sawyer found himself being welcomed by the likes of McGee (Sean Murray), Palmer (Brian Dietzen) and the rest of the team for his part in the undercover mission.

Torres and Sawyer had earlier joined forces as part of an FBI undercover mission to take down ring leader Wade (David Meunier) who was helping ship the drug GHB.

Sawyer had a close connection to the case after his sister had d**d of an o******e of the drugs years prior to the investigation.

All hope appeared lost for the two towards the end of the episode when Sawyer was ordered to k**l Torres after he was outed as an NCIS agent in front of Wade

But after he turned the gun he had been given by Wade on him and his henchmen, the drug runner appeared to be one step ahead.

Sawyer had been given an unloaded gun and now Wade had two members of law enforcement in front of him he was ready to take out.

Luckily, Torres had swiped the henchman’s cell phone to alert NCIS of their whereabouts, prompting the team to burst in at the last minute to save the two agents.

Fist fights ensued but at least both Torres and Sawyer made it out of the altercation alive and Wade’s crew could finally face justice.

The episode was packed full of touching moments and an evolution for the character of Sawyer as he showed his vulnerability by confiding in Torres about his sister.

And when he arrived at a gathering with the team at the end of the episode, he was welcomed with open arms, seemingly finding the love and appreciation from a team he’s desperately sought after all these years in the field.

But could Sawyer’s newfound acceptance to the NCIS team pave the way for Torres to leave?

It’s a theory some fans are convinced they’ve worked out, including Twitter user @dogoodthingschi who said: “Okay a little concerned that Sawyer is being introduced to replace Nick. @WValderrama say it isn’t so! #NCIS.”
And Teresa Austene echoed this: “@NCIS_CBS is Sawyer joining the team or replacing a current member on the team. Great episode #NCIS.”

Elsewhere, @AZNreister could also see a future for Sawyer: “Is Sawyer going to be permanent @NCIS_CBS #ncis.”

And Linsie Rodgers praised the new agent for his comradery with the squad, tweeting: “Sawyer is fitting in! #NCIS.”
However, others were quick to simply praise Holtz for reprising his role as Sawyer in season 20.

Instagram user @ahillman05 was one of many fans to praise Holtz’s stint on the show, replying on his latest NCIS teaser: “Yessssss!!!!

“Love Sawyer!! Been wanting him to come back and have actual scenes in the show.” (Sic)

So could Sawyer become a more regular feature on NCIS and if he does, could it be at the expense of Torres?

NCIS season 20 airs Mondays on CBS in the USA and Wednesdays on Disney+ in the UK.

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