In NCIS, do Ziva and Tony end up married? Theories

The friendship between Anthony “Tony” DiNozzo and Ziva David is one of the most famous ‘NCIS’ stories. The couple enjoys an impressive relationship in CBS’ thriller series ‘NCIS,’ which lasts until Ziva’s supposed death in the thirteenth season finale. In the sixteenth season, it is revealed that Ziva is actually alive.

In the eighth season, Ziva and Tony meet up to discuss an undercover mission as married couple. Their sexual conflicts and flirtations gradually bond them together. However, Ziva’s father, Eli David, k****d himself, putting her in jeopardy and putting her relationship with Tony at jeopardy. In the eleventh season, Tony searches for her in Israel and finds her.

Tony learns that Ziva is dead, forcing him to leave the NCIS and go to Paris to look for their daughter Tali, who has been m*****d by Gibbs in the seventeenth season. He tells Ziva, “He [Tony] should hear [the truth] from you.” “And he will,” replies Ziva, indicating that she doesn’t want to continue hiding from Tony and their daughter Tali.

Dr. Jimmy Palmer takes Ziva to the airport as she prepares to meet Tony and Tali in Paris in the seventeenth season. As a person who has witnessed the dangers and difficulties Ziva faces, Tony is expected to understand why she lived a lie for years without even revealing its true nature. His decision to spend his life in the city Ziva loves is another proof of his devotion to her. Their meeting is a certainty since she has left for Paris.

The admirers of the characters were dissatisfied with an off-screen reunion. As far as Michael Weatherly (Tony) is concerned, the beloved couple’s on-screen reunion is unlikely. “Stay tuned… for this might be an interesting year for such “moments,” said the actor in January 2023.

“We’re both excited about it, and we’re both excited about it.” Pablo told Entertainment Tonight in 2019.

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