NCIS: LA’s Eric Christian Olsen’s tribute to co-star with insight into family life

The stars on the hit show NCIS share quite a close bond, and that easily translates to its spin-offs, NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: Hawai’i.

While the former were dealt a blow when it was announced that their current fourteenth season would be its last, that hasn’t dampened the relationship between its cast.

Such definitely remains the case between stars Eric Christian Olsen and LL Cool J, which Eric showcased during a tribute he posted to his co-star prior to news of the cancellation.

He shared a series of images of the pair from the show, celebrating the fact that he would get to perform in more episodes with the rapper.
Eric also included a nod to his three children and how their upbringing also involved familiarizing themselves with music, which meant his co-star played a bigger part in his life than he thought.

The dad-of-three wrote at the time: “Working with the GOAT @llcoolj again on TONIGHT’S all NEW Ep of @ncisla.

Eric paid a sweet tribute to LL Cool J’s legacy

“Sidebar: On roadtrips with the kids we go through each decade of music, talking about the artists and the evolution of each genre. From Billie Holiday and the big bands of the 40’s to the birth of rock and roll, folk, pop, and hip hop.

He then specifically referenced what genre each of his children identified with, adding: “Esme’s in love with 90’s rock and always asks for the Red Hot Chili Peppers on the drive to school. Wyatt loves Led Zeppelin and 70’s rock and early 90’s Hip Hop.
Eric then revealed that despite working with one of 90’s hip-hop’s biggest stars, his brood had never once checked out the show they starred on together.

“I say all that, to say this – My kids have never seen NCIS LA but knowing that their dad takes down bad guys at work with LL Cool J gives them massive clout on the playground.

The star shared that his kids had never watched his show

The rapper, who took to the stage during Sunday’s Grammy awards, responded with a simple “Haha” and a strong arm emoji, while several fans and followers championed their on-screen pairing.


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