NCIS’ Gibbs return ‘sealed’ as long-serving co-star admits he’s ‘the moral compass’

The long-running police procedural television series NCIS has reached a huge milestone recently by hitting 450 aired episodes. The drama series that first aired back in 2004 has engaged fans as they’ve followed the fictional team of special agents in their day-to-day lives. Star, Rocky Carroll, has teased fans that they “might see Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) again” after the character departed the show in season 19.

In a Q&A with TV Insider, the NCIS star spoke about the show hitting the huge milestone of 20 seasons but also mentioned that there is always the possibility for the return of ace Gibbs.

When asked about the mentions of Gibbs in the crossover special, the actor replied by saying “we might see Gibbs again”.

The star explained: “I think as long as this show stays on the air, there will always be a little bit of a tease that we might see Gibbs again.”

He continued by praising Gibbs: “Gibbs is the moral compass. He’s the moral compass that we all wish we had.”

NCIS Rocky Carroll Gibbs return

NCIS Rocky Carroll teases fans by saying there is a possibility Gibbs could return (Image: CBS/Getty)

NCIS Rocky Carroll Gibbs return

NCIS Rocky Carroll and Mark Harmon (Image: CBS/Getty)

With Carroll’s acting career having spanned over 20 years on CBS, he has appeared on many hit shows.

And it wasn’t the first time the actors have worked together on CBS either, as the duo both featured on medical drama Chicago Hope, which first aired in 1995.

When asked about reuniting with Harmon and how he felt portraying the character of Vance for such a long period of time, the actor touched on his “great” relationship with Harmon and CBS.

He said: “Always had a great relationship with CBS. Always had a great relationship with Mark Harmon.”

NCIS Rocky Carroll Gibbs return

NCIS’ Mark Harmon as Gibbs (Image: CBS/Getty)

The star also joked that he was “Harmon-approved” to joining the cast of NCIS in 2008.

When the actor first sat down with former NCIS executive-producer, Shane Brennan he recalled: “I knew that no matter what they thought or felt about me…

“If Harmon hadn’t said, ‘You know what, I know this guy. We worked together, we work well together, I give you the thumbs up’, it would’ve never happened.”

He added: “So, I go to my grave saying that I was Harmon-approved. That went a long way for me securing that role.”

After Harmon’s departure from the c***e-fighting series during its 19th season, there have been many references to the iconic character, especially during the recent crossover special.

One reference to the central character was by Timothy McGee (Sean Murray), who tried to rediscover his hobby for writing.

McGee talked about a story he had recently written, and one of the characters, Agent Tibbs, was clearly based on his former boss, mentioning also that the real Gibbs was currently in Alaska.

McGee’s wife Delilah McGee (Margo Harshman), who also appeared in the episode, even confirmed this, saying: “You’ve barely written a word since Gibbs left for Alaska. Gibbs is not what makes you great.”

The series’ autumn finale aired on December 5 last year and went on break for the month, having returned to screens in the new year on January 2, 2023.

Fans will have to wait and see if Gibbs makes his epic return to the investigative series in the future.

In the meantime, fans are also eagerly anticipating a possible comeback for the likes of Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva David (Cote de Pablo), although nothing is confirmed at the time of writing.

NCIS season 20 continues Mondays on CBS in the US and Wednesday on Disney+ in the UK

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