Gary Cole net worth: How much is the NCIS Alden Parker star worth?

NCIS season 20 is well underway with episode 14, Old Wounds, airing on Monday, February 13, on CBS. The instalment was co-written by Jimmy Palmer star Brian Dietzen alongside executive producer Scott Williams. This is the second time Dietzen has written an episode for the police procedural, with The Helpers airing last year. This time around, the central plot will revolve around Agent Alden Parker (played by Gary Cole).

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from NCIS.

How much is NCIS star Gary Cole worth?

NCIS Agent Alden Parker is played by actor Gary Cole who has had a career that spanned almost four decades.

Given how long he has been in the industry, it’s no surprise that, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Cole has a net worth of $5 million.

His very first role was as Royce Franklin in the TV movie Scruples in the early 1980s.

This was soon followed up by parts in Fatal Vision, American Playhouse, First Steps, The Twilight Zone, Vital Signs and Miami Vice.


NCIS season 20: gary cole actor net worth

NCIS season 20: How much is Gary Cole worth? (Image: CBS/GETTY)

NCIS season 20: actor gary cole office space

NCIS actor Gary Cole starred in the award-winning comedy movie Office Space. (Image: 20TH CENTURY STUDIOS)

His first major breakthrough role which won the 66-year-old several Primetime Creative Emmy Awards was the 1988 drama Midnight Caller.

Cole starred as the lead character Jack “Nighthawk” Killian for three years in a total of 61 episodes.

When the show ended in 1991, the NCIS actor went on to feature in American Gothic as Sheriff Lucas Buck.

Among his biggest successes, however, came in 1999 in the form of the dark black comedy Office Space which won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

He starred opposite the likes of Mike Judge, Ron Livingston, Stephen Root and Jennifer Aniston.

NCIS season 20: agent alden parker gary cole

NCIS season 20: Agent Alden Parker is played by actor Gary Cole. (Image: GETTY)

NCIS season 20: jessica knight alden parker

NCIS season 20: Agents Jessica Knight and Alden Parker. (Image: CBS)

Some of his other most notable movies include A Simple Plan, Dodgeball, In the Line of Fire, The Gift, The Ring Two and One Hour Photo.

In terms of his TV career, Cole was Kurt McVeigh in The Good Fight, Mixed-Ish, Carl Grissom in Chicago Fire and Kent Davison in Veep.

There is also his work in animated series, working as a voiceover artist, to consider when thinking about Cole’s overall net worth.

Fans may not realise he has voiced characters in Q-Force, Bob’s Burgers, Big Mouth, American Dad, Family Guy and was the narrator in The Tom and Jerry Show for seven years.

Fast forward to last year and Cole was cast as Agent Alden Parker in NCIS season 19.

At the time of joining the drama, original star Mark Harmon was still in the series as Agent Leroy Gibbs.

But it was thought that Parker had been introduced as a kind of replacement for the veteran actor as his part in the show was slowly but surely dwindling.

Not too long after his departure, Parker was named as lead agent in NCIS, taking over Gibbs’ role on the team.

NCIS season 20, episode 14’s Old Wounds will come out on CBS on Monday, February 13.

As previously mentioned, this instalment is going to focus on Cole’s character.

The synopsis reads: “Parker grapples with his emotions when a conman from his past turns up as a prime suspect in the m****r of a navy officer transporting millions of dollars’ worth of opioids.”

NCIS season 20 continues every Monday on CBS.

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