NCIS takes a break before returning with 450th episode

NCIS just debuted an intense episode of the show where Alden Parker’s former partner at the FBI was featured.

Despite getting benched by Vance, Parker will be back to leading the team very soon.

But first, NCIS is taking a week off from airing new content, meaning there is no new episode on the night of Monday, February 20.

For that night, CBS is going to be airing Season 20, Episode 6 again.

That older episode is called The Good Fighter, and it has the team investigating the d***h of an NCIS agent.

Fear not everyone, because the show is only going to be taking a short break before pushing out some new content.

Synopsis for NCIS Episode No. 450

A new episode of NCIS arrives at 9/8c on Monday, February 27. This one is called Unusual Suspects, and it is officially Season 20, Episode 15.

“Parker’s dad, who is temporarily living with him, assists the team in their investigation on the 450th episode of the CBS,” reads the short and sweet synopsis of the new installment.

Having Parker’s dad back in the mix should provide a bit of fun. The previous appearances of the elder Parker certainly added a number of interesting scenes, especially when he was interacting with his son.

On the show, Francis Xavier McCarthy plays Roman Parker, while Gary Cole continues to star as Alden Parker on the NCIS cast.

Below is an image of the duo interacting in the new episode.
The Parkers On NCIS
Francis Xavier McCarthy as Roman Parker and Gary Cole as Alden Parker on NCIS Season 20, Episode 15. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

More NCISVerse news

In some sad news from the show, a former NCIS guest star recently d13d. He was featured in an earlier episode of the hit drama.

Elsewhere, the bad news came out that NCIS: Los Angeles has been canceled by the network.

In an interesting twist, LL Cool J was asked to join another NCIS spin-off, giving him a shot to keep playing Special Agent Sam Hanna in the future.

Regarding his time coming to an end on NCIS: LA, LL Cool J spoke about how CBS has treated them and what it has been like to say goodbye to the cast and crew.

But back to the primary team. Another image from NCIS Episode No. 450 is shared below. This one depicts the team in action as they take on a new case.
NCIS Team Parker
Gary Cole as Alden Parker, Wilmer Valderrama as Special Agent Nicholas “Nick” Torres, Sean Murray as Special Agent Timothy McGee, and Katrina Law as NCIS Special Agent Jessica Knight on the NCIS cast. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS
As one final reminder, Episode No. 450 for NCIS will debut on Monday, February 27.

NCIS airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.

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