Pauley Perrette after leaving NCIS – where is she now?

Pauley Perrette is best know for playing Abby Sciuto in NCIS for 15 years, a role which she said “changed her life”.

But in 2017 she departed the TV show amid reports of a rift with co-star, Mark Harmon. So what happened to Pauley and what is she doing today?


Pauley continued exploring her passion for acting and starred in the short-lived CBS show, Broke, which was canceled after just one season.

It was then that Pauley decided it was time to step away from the spotlight and pursue different avenues.

She quit acting that same year but it didn’t mean she retreated from sight entirely. Pauley still lives in Los Angeles and is very vocal on Twitter, having become a passionate activist for civil rights. 


A dedicated advocate for civil rights, she directed and produced a documentary, Citizen Lane, about U.S. civil rights attorney and author Mark Lane.

Pauley Perrette with Mark Harmon

Pauley fell out with her NCIS co-star Mark Harmon 

Pauley is also involved in many charitable organizations that work on behalf of animal rescue, civil rights, and LGBT rights.

While she hasn’t revealed why she chose to quit her acting career, the alleged altercation with Mark, likely went a long way towards her decision.


At the time, rumors had been circling for over a year that the pair had fallen out, and fans analyzed scenes to determine if they ever appeared on screen together. It later emerged that in 2016 Mark’s dog – who had often been on set of the show – bit a member of the crew, who then reportedly required 15 stitches.

Pauley has left acting and become an activist for many causes

It was claimed that Pauley was quick to ask for the dog to not be allowed back on set but the animal allegedly did return, and it crew members were reportedly fearful to ask for a change in the rules because Mark was an executive producer.

The two stars then came to an arrangement with show bosses that meant they were never in the same scene at the same time, but in late 2017 Pauley shared the news that she had quit the series, and told CBS Sunday Morning that although it was her choice she was “still grieving”.

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