CBS Doesn’t Announce Blue Bloods Season 14: Time to Panic?

Blue Bloods has been around for over a dozen years, and it even survived Covid, which many other cop series didn’t. It has become very obvious and normal that this series is not going anywhere any time soon… But now, our faith is being put to test. Kinda.

A few days ago, CBS went on a streak of announcing renewals for their top-tier cop shows, including CSI Vegas, NCIS, and NCIS: Hawaii — all in one day. However, they didn’t even talk about Blue Bloods, let alone didn’t announce season 14.

This really upset quite a few viewers, making them feel insecure about the continuation of their favorite show. Luckily, the Internet can be rather friendly and supportive at times — other Blue Bloods fans went on a mission to calm down their anxious pals and explain why there’s no reason to be afraid.

Some people claim that the show isn’t going anywhere for the time being, and there will be 15 seasons minimum. According to them, the only thing that could end the series prematurely is Tom Selleck leaving the cast.

Other users tend to agree. One fan has found a more believable explanation for the fact that CBS didn’t renew the show.

“I think they are still negotiating contracts. They will not announce a renewal until that is complete,” Reddit user MAJ0R_KONG said.

Furthermore, according to recent rumors, it might be true: Blue Bloods is currently undergoing negotiations — including on budget cuts, unfortunately. But, some sources claim that since Blue Bloods has been the real moneymaker for CBS for years now, the negotiations begin taking a more positive direction, with fewer cuts and more optimistic predictions.

In other words, there’s no need to worry about Blue Bloods — at least, yet. The negotiations are still ongoing, but the series is way too important for the channel, and the one person whose leave could collapse the show, Tom Selleck, has claimed that he wouldn’t leave Blue Bloods multiple times.

Breathe in, breathe out. We’ll get a season 14 announcement soon enough, it

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