Actor M. Harmon’s incredible body transformation after he decided to retire from NCIS

NCIS and fans of the CBS c***e drama said goodbye to Mark Harmon a year ago, when his character, Chief Agent Leroy Gibbs appeared on the screen in the fourth episode of the 18th season.


NCIS, the hit naval c***e investigation drama that has been broadcast on CBS since 2003, reached its 19th season at the end of September, bringing back all the favorite characters, except for Leroy Gibbs, the iconic special agent, who made a huge impression. the hearts of the viewers, since almost two decades ago, the stories of one of the most popular shows on television are involved.

You know the day before; Leroy Gibbs has played Mark Harmon since the very first episode of the show. He is the character who heads the NCIS special agent team, an elite group that follows and investigates c*****s committed by military personnel of the United States Army. His figure has become an icon of the program, and even though he left a year ago, his absence is still felt immensely.

As NCIS fans will remember, Leroy Gibbs disappeared from the screen when he made the decision to leave the team he had led for so many years. According to the story of the CBS series, the character of Mark Harmon went to live in Alaska to have a quiet life, as shown in the fourth episode of the 18th season, brought to the end of 2021.

Mark Harmon is one of the most famous Hollywood celebrities. The actor had a long career in television, but his most famous role was Leroy Gibbs on NCIS. During this time he accumulated immense fortunes, which did not prevent him from remaining a simple man.

Actor Mark Harmon is a lot different than everyone remembers as Leroy Gibbs on NCIS

Mark Harmon at home in Los Angeles, Leroy Gibbs and NCIS

Many fans of the CBS procedural drama want to see Mark Harmon on the screen as Leroy Gibbs. A return to the character has not been confirmed, but it has not been ruled out that he will appear in a future criminal series. It is certain that the actor remains active as an executive producer, and one of the proofs of his presence on the set was revealed last week.

It’s been a while since you’ve seen Mark Harmon fans. However, he appeared off camera and turned away from the set of the c***e drama. The NCIS star revealed that her workout routine looks like home now that she’s in her 70s. A series of photos taken in July 2022 in front of his Los Angeles home show Leroy Gibbs wearing interpreter pants and a simple T-shirt while taking out the trash in the sun. In fact, it’s a very different picture than what fans have been used to seeing for almost two decades of the show.

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