The incredible transformation of the body of actress Emily Wickersham after leaving the series NCIS

One of the saddest departures from the NCIS series was actress Emily Wickersham, although for one reason in particular, fans were surprised at how much she changed after the show left being a mom.


Series NCISThe Naval Criminal Investigative Service is the agency responsible for investigating and preventing c****s of the Navy and the United States Marine Corps. NCIS ratings grew slowly in the first few seasons, but over time the series climbed the ratings charts and, starting in season six, became one of the top five watch series on television. Although this is also due to the incredible main cast Mark HarmonSean MurrayWilmer ValderramaEmily Wickersham and others than many.

an actress Emily Wickersham joined the cast NCIS as Ellie Bishop in season 11 episode 9. A young NSA analyst with whom the team of special agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon). However, after working on the job report and Gibbs’ recommendation, Bishop was soon promoted to NCIS agent and actress Wickersham joined the cast.

Emily Wickersham got to work NCIS for eight years, a long time for any job, but especially unusual for someone who has worked in television. In fact, after the series aired, the star published a statement on his Instagram account in which he expressed his gratitude to the television network. CBS.

His farewell was saddened by many fans, so the star said goodbye to his social networks. As has been said Emily Wickersham, she decided to retire and work on new projects, even looking for a break since she was pregnant and wanted to take care of her baby full time. The star is usually very active in his social networks, where he usually puts his current life and the things he does with his husband and child, but the photo had many because of the incredible change of Wickersham.

The Wickersham girl looks recognizable after leaving the NCIS series

Emily Wickersham after leaving the NCIS series and becoming a mother

Although she is now taking care of her baby for the first few months, the actress has not got another role and does not seem to be thinking of doing it at the moment. Later she became aware of her baby. He last appeared in another series in the spin-off of ” NCIS New Orleans, in 2016, in a crossover episode between the two series. However, everyone is eagerly awaiting the return of the star to the series as Agent Ellie Bishop.

According to a public announcement CBSSeries NCIS It was renewed for season 21, although the main star Mark Harmon is no longer found. But reports suggest the chain could be preparing to bring back more stars Michael Weatherly y* Pablo’s sidebut if it were not, it might also be a return Emily Wickersham.

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